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Miljøverner arrestert

Posted by Sjur Cappelen Papazian den mai 21, 2010

Despite the Gulf disaster, no one from BP has been arrested and sent to jail. Despite safety violations at coal mines, no one from Massey Energy has been handcuffed. But today I write to inform you that one of America’s best global warming activists is probably facing several months of jail. He’s been convicted by a D.C. jury, and now he awaits sentencing on July 6th. Why? Because he peacefully dropped two banners on Capitol Hill that said: «GREEN JOBS NOW» and «GET TO WORK.»

Prison time for activist over green jobs banner. No kidding.

For her acts of selfless courage on behalf of victims of American criminal behavior, Marilyn has spent 25 years as a political prisoner of the U$A government:

In prison but clearly in bloom. Marilyn Buck at Dublin FCI, 1994.

Photo by Mariann G. Wizard / The Rag Blog.

Warrior-Poet Marilyn Buck : No Wall Too Tall

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