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Opprop for en internasjonal krisekonferanse mot krig og okkupasjon og til forsvar for nasjoners suverenitet – Algieria den 3.-5. desember 2011

Posted by Fredsvenn den oktober 20, 2011

Call for an Emergency International Conferance

Ever since the invasion of Afghanistan by NATO troops in 2001, under the pretext of the «War on Terror,» and of Iraq in 2003, in the name of a so-called «struggle for democracy,» imperialist governments, under the leadership of the U.S. government, have implemented a strategy based on international wars of occupation and plunder. This strategy has also included widespread interference in the internal affairs of nations, the astronomic growth of war budgets, the assault on democratic rights, and the massive cuts in social spending — particularly in Europe and the United States.

Today, the governments of the imperialist powers — specifically the U.S., French, British and Italian governments — have opened a new front in the war; this time in the Maghreb region of Northern Africa. (*)

A new step has been taken with the further implementation of the U.S. government’s Greater Middle East Plan, which was first announced by George W. Bush in 2003 at the time of the launching of the war of occupation and looting of Iraq. It’s a plan that aims to dismantle nations along ethnic, religious and communitarian lines — from Pakistan to Mauritania.

At the very moment when the Tunisian and Egyptian workers and peoples are struggling to exercise their full sovereignty by means of democracy, Libya is descending into chaos after a foreign military intervention under the aegis of NATO — an intervention that threatens its territorial integrity.

By this means, all the countries of the Maghreb region are now facing threats to their integrity. But this is not all: The implications for the SAHEL countries (parts of Senegal, Mauritania, Mali, Burkina Faso, Algeria, Niger, Nigeria, Chad, Sudan, Tunisia, Ethiopia and Eritrea) and, more generally, for sub-Saharan Africa are incalculable. This is because the conflict has gone way beyond the Libyan borders in terms of the movement of weapons — including heavy weapons massively distributed among Libyan civilians and armed terrorist groups who have openly displayed them in the aftermath of the foreign military intervention.

This is not to mention the devastating effects on the economies of these countries, especially when combined with the massive return of hundreds of thousands of migrants who had been working in Libya, as well as more than one million Libyan refugees, mostly in Tunisia.

In reality, through the foreign military intervention in Libya, the U.S., French, British and Italian imperialists seek to terrorize all the peoples of the region and the world.

No political party genuinely committed to the sovereignty of nations and to democracy can condone, under whatever pretext whatsoever, the imperialist war of occupation and plunder in Libya. No labor organization faithful to the traditions of the international labor movement can condone such a war. That is why we the undersigned reject another war on our African continent — a continent that is already bloodied and torn apart by so-called ethnic conflicts, which are really nothing but the result of foreign plunder of the continent’s natural resources, the repayment of foreign debt, and the various manipulations that result therewith.

We reject any foreign military presence in any form whatsoever in our region of the Maghreb, elsewhere across Northern Africa, and, more generally, on our continent of Africa.

We reject any and all attacks upon sovereign nations.

We reject the foreign looting of the riches and resources of the peoples of the Maghreb and of Africa as a whole. Taking control over these resources — including through the installation of foreign military bases, starting with AFRICOM (United States Africa Command) — is the real objective of the war of occupation in Libya, under the auspices of NATO. This is what’s really at stake.

We denounce the imperialist designs of the governments that are racing to grab the reconstruction deals for the infrastructure of Libya, destroyed by NATO air strikes – another stake of the war.
We deny the imperialist governments, NATO and the mongers of war and chaos the right to decide the fate of the peoples of the Maghreb, sub-Saharan Africa and all peoples of the world.

We affirm that because there can be no popular sovereignty without national sovereignty, from the standpoint of democracy it is up to sovereign peoples — and up to them alone — to define their present and their future without external interference and foreign military intervention.

We call upon organizations and parties around the world and in our own country that oppose the imperialist wars to join us in supporting and participating in an Emergency International Conference in Algiers on December 3-5, 2011, against the wars of occupation, against the interference in the internal affairs of countries, and in defense of the integrity and sovereignty of nations. (**)


A. Sidi Said

General Secretary

General Union of Algerian Workers (UGTA)

Louisa Hanoune

General Secretary

Workers Party of Algeria (PT)

* * * * *

(*) The five countries that make up the Maghreb region are Libya, Algeria, Tunisia, Morocco, and Mauritania.

(**) For more information about the conference or how you can get involved, please contact the International Liaison Committee of Workers and Peoples in Paris at eit.ilc@fr.oleane.com. You can also write to ilcinfo@earthlink.net.


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