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Folkemøtet – Vårt nye demokratiske styringsorgan

Posted by Fredsvenn den november 21, 2011

Inspired by the Egyptian revolution, Occupy Wall Street and the mass struggles for real democracy in Spain, people throughout the world have joined occupations, marches, protests and other actions against the status quo.

They are gathering in increasing numbers in towns and cities across the world with slogans like “occupy everything now”, “real democracy now” and “we are the 99%”. They are united by a common desire to create a fairer, sustainable society.

Selecting the targets was never easier. Capitalist corporations and banks have bled the planet dry. Inequality has reached new, obscene levels. The ecosystem is degraded to danger point.

And now the profit-driven global economy is heading for a new and devastating Depression. Unemployment, poverty and hunger are soaring everywhere.

The political elites have “sold” what little democracy we had to corporate and financial power. As the M15 movement in Spain declared, the existing political system is a barrier to future human progress.

The 99% can occupy everything – take it over and transform it. People’s Assemblies are the vehicle for taking this movement forward to real democracy now.

A new democratic system formed of networks from People’s Assemblies can set a new framework which would:

  • encourage workers in all corporations to take ownership and control of their enterprise and end the practice of paying dividends
  • suggest that any surplus is be distributed through democratic agreement with People’s Assemblies
  • urge workers in the finance industry to take control of their institutions and convert their systems and networks to create a not-for-profit service to society
  • quickly ban speculative investing – gambling with other people’s money – which is most of the activities of the stock, commodity, financial and foreign exchange markets
  • use pension funds for infrastructure and housing investment, while guaranteeing an adequate return
  • replace the present alienating contract of employment with a collective agreement between worker-owners in cooperatives
  • challenge producer and consumer collectives to identify and satisfy the needs of the populations they represent, ensuring they operate in a eco-sustainable way.

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