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International Emergency Conference

Posted by Fredsvenn den januar 7, 2012

«Against wars of occupation, against interference in countries’ internal affairs, in defence of the integrity and sovereignty of nations»

Algiers, December 10-12, 2011


We, the undersigned, are political and trade union representatives, academics, intellectuals, lawyers, human rights activists and others from the countries of the Maghreb, Sahel and other parts of the African continent, from Europe, the Americas and Asia.
We met on December 10-12, 2011, in Algiers, in a Conference «Against wars of occupation, against interference in countries’ internal affairs, in defence of the integrity and sovereignty of nations» called by the General Union of Algerian Workers (UGTA) and the Workers Party of Algeria (PTA) in the aftermath of the foreign military intervention in Libya.

We discussed the state of the world and the current developments on all the continents. Throughout our conference, we stated our support for the struggles of the peoples, workers and youth around the world to gain and defend their socio-economic and democratic rights.

We declare straight away:
Yes, there is an emergency when the Great Powers decide to intervene militarily in Libya under the aegis of NATO, opening the path to insecurity and instability in the region, jeopardizing the integrity of the countries of the Sahel, while those same powers have already destroyed Iraq through a war of occupation, are continuing the war in Afghanistan, are keeping Haiti under military occupation, and are imposing military bases in different regions of the world.

We condemn the military intervention in Libya, which far from «freeing» the Libyan people is laying the groundwork for future acts of violence on a tribal, ethnic and communal basis.
We affirm that this intervention has merely added to the suffering, hardship and insecurity of all the peoples of the region, at a time when many African countries have already been ravaged by armed conflict and the foreign pillage established by the servicing of the debt.

We condemn imperialism’s aims, to pillage the peoples’ wealth and dominate them, which motivated that intervention.
We condemn the intervention, one objective of which is to threaten the peoples who are fighting for their rights and their sovereignty, another of which is to impose a foreign «protectorate» on them, confiscating their right to determine their own present and future.

We condemn the plans of the Great Powers, with the U.S. acting as chief-of-staff, aiming to break up nations along tribal, ethnic and religious lines with pillage and oppression as their goal.

We oppose the setting up of a single foreign military base — by AFRICOM or others — in the Sahel region under any pretext whatsoever, and we declare ourselves in favour of dismantling all foreign military bases throughout the world.

There is an emergency when the Great Powers prepare the conditions for widespread war in the Mashreq region, at the same time continuing to deny the Palestinian people their inalienable historic rights, the right of all refugees to return to their homes, subjecting that people to confinement in Gaza and the West Bank, to repression and repeated attacks.
We declare our full support for the aspirations of the Syrian people for democracy, for equality, but we strongly condemn the maneuvering and conspiracies embodied in the exploitation of those aspirations by the imperialist powers and their sub-contractors to turn them into a pretext for foreign military intervention in Syria aimed at «regime change.»

We oppose any foreign military intervention anywhere in the world, and therefore in Syria and Iran, with or without the UN’s backing.

We are against the foreign military intervention by proxy in Bahrain, we condemn the repression being inflicted on the Bahraini people and we express our solidarity with their struggle for their demands and their political rights.

There is an emergency when those same imperialist powers and the international institutions unleash a social war in Europe and the United States through murderous austerity plans, in order to save the speculators, the banks and insurance companies. There is an emergency when the Great Powers raise interference in a country’s affairs into a world system, taking it upon themselves to decide the fate of nations and peoples.

A world is collapsing

We — political and trade union representatives, academics, lawyers and human rights activists from countries that are the direct or indirect victims of foreign military intervention by NATO member countries participating in wars of occupation, and from countries whose governments are opposed to the foreign military interventions — meeting in Algiers, hereby declare:

We refuse to allow the achievements of human civilization, which include the existence of nations, the pre-condition for democracy, to be wiped out.

We are justified in accusing the Great Powers and the institutions that serve them of endangering the continuity of humankind through wars, famine and the destruction of the social gains that embody human progress.

We are justified in accusing the Great Powers of being the instigators of the spread of those expressions of barbarism, of preparing the ground for totalitarianism by putting into question the foundations of political democracy that are the state, political parties and independent trade unions.

We consider it the responsibility of the international labor and trade union movement to organize united solidarity actions in defense of social rights, trade union rights and the integrity and sovereignty of nations, against the murderous plans and policies of the international institutions, the imperialist governments and the G20.

We — who in our respective countries campaign for the right of peoples to live on the basis of their national resources in peace and dignity, to decide freely on their own present and future through the exercise of democratic rights — declare our determination to fight against the attacks on the sovereignty of nations and peoples, and the pillaging of their natural resources.

We — who firmly condemn the repression directed at peoples and activists who are struggling for their political and socio-economic rights in whichever country it occurs — declare our rejection of all imperialist wars of occupation and pillage, which bring with them barbarism, decay, regression and chaos.

We declare our clear-cut opposition to foreign interference, which confiscates popular sovereignty.
We — political and trade union representatives, academics and lawyers from Africa, Asia, the Americas and Europe — meeting in Algiers on December 10-12, a few months away from the celebrations of 50 years of Algeria’s independence — reaffirm the inalienable right of the Algerian people to freely decide their own future without foreign interference. Because they form part of the gains of human civilization and constitute leverage-points for the peoples’ struggles, we declare our determination to defend the socio-economic gains of the Algerian people and the sovereignty of Algeria against foreign pressure and blackmail.

For those of us who come from countries controlled by the imperialist powers, we deny the right of our countries’ governments to interfere in Algeria’s affairs. We are aware that by defending Algeria’s independence and sovereignty, we are helping all countries in the region and beyond to defend themselves against imperialist threats.

We hereby decide to form a Permanent International Vigilance Committee to implement the proposals produced by the Emergency Conference, beginning with:

1. Preparing the holding of an international tribunal like that of Bertrand Russell, which, on the basis of facts, will bring acts of international prosecution against the perpetrators and instigators of occupation-looting and the destruction of nations.

2. Coordinating united action to react together for the defense of the integrity and sovereignty of nations.

3. Organizing a united mobilization against war and for war budgets to be redirected for socio-economic development, for health, for education and to com- bat the poverty and famine that are spreading in the world.

4. Organizing a united mobilization against the murderous plans of the IMF, the World Bank, the European Union, etc., as well the diktats of European budget deficits that are used to force workers and peoples into deadly structural adjustment plans that destroy rights and social gains.


ALGERIA: Sidi Said Abdelmadjid, General Secretary, UGTA; Louisa HANOUNE, General Secretary, Workers Party (PT); BENMOHAMED Mustapha, PT Algeria; Mohamed MECHATI, nationalist activist; Zohra Drif Bitat, Senate vice-president; Mbarek SERAI, international expert; TELLI Achour, national secretary UGTA; BOUHAMIDI Mohamed, philosopher et chronicler; Ramdane TAZIBT, PT deputy, vice president/National Popular Assembly; MESSOUS Abd El Kader, National Secretary, UGTA; Djelloul Djoudi, PT; ZARAT Rachid, former PT deputy; KHERBACHE Zoubida, PT deputy, BEDRAOUI Malika, PT deputy; KOUADRIA Smain, General Secretary, Arcelor union; DAIFFALLAH Mourad, Arcelor union activist; Brahim DJEBAR, National Secretary UGTA ; EL MALTAOUI Ahmed, General Secretary, UW UGTA Tamanrasset; DJOUDI Mohamed, General Secretary, UW Biskra; ZEGHDI Abdelhalim, UW El Oued; Zerougui SAHRAOUI, UGTA union activist-El Oued; ZOUAOUI Ahmed, General Secretary UGTA Treasury trade union; CHOUITEM Nadia, PT deputy; KOUIDRI Dalila, General Secretary, national association of the families of missing persons; Ali Bendhob, General Secretary, UW Laghouat; LABATCHA Salim, General Secretary UGTA agribusiness union; ALOUANE Mohamed, chief Editor of Revolution and Labour; ARFOUTNI Abderahmane PT Algeria; LABCHRI Karim, PT Algeria; Abdelhamid Boubeghla, PT ; DERRADJI Abdelhamid, GS rail worker union; Amira BAYA, FNTR; BEL-KHODJA Mouloud, FNTR; Abderahmane BASSALEM, UGTA union activist; ZITOUNI Lemtaï, General Secretary of the African Organization of the Mining, Utilities and Chemistry unions; Ali GHALEM, Algerian Muslim Scouts; Mohamed MOKHTARI, General Secretary, UW UGTA El Bayadh; BOUCHERMA Ahmed, General Secretary, UW UGTA Jijel; BAROUDI Souad, UGTA union activist; ALLOUA Fatiha, architect; MEGHRABI Sofiane, defence counsellor; BENDJE- DOU Nassima, PT municipal councillor; DJOUAMBI Amar, PT; MECHAAL Samia, PT; BENBESSA Rahima, Building and Public Works union activist; Nassira BOUDRICHE, UGTA union activist; Ahmed El MELTAOUI, UGTA union activist;

AFGHANISTAN: Mohammad Khan, member of Left Radical organization ;

AZANIA/SOUTH AFRICA: MABASA Lybon, President of the Socialist Party of Azania ;

BENIN: SETONDJI AHOUNOU Florentine, union activist; ASSOGBA Innocent, union activist; KOUNOUHOU G. Marcel, union activist;

BRAZIL: Shakespeare Martins de Jesus, Representative, CUT National Trade Union Central;

BURUNDI: Paul NKUNZIMANA, Chairperson of the Party of Workers and Democracy (PTD); Fabrice NIKUZE, member of PTD ;

BURKINA FASO: DIALLO Moussa, CGT-B union member; NAMA MAMADOU, General Secretary USTB ;

CAMEROON: Ruth EKOUT ABOUI, General Secretary CSTC; NTONE DIBOUTI Maximilien, President CSTC.

CENTRAL AFRICAN REPUBLIC: ZAKARIA Patrice, General Secretary, SNECASV, Chad, BASSOU Rakis Singa, union activist;

CôTE D’IVOIRE: OUATTARA Mamadou, union member (CNEC); YAO K. Francois, SYNASEC-Côte d’Ivoire; EDIA Oi Edia, CNEC-Côte d’Ivoire;

EGYPT: Zeinab SALEM, activist ; Ibrahim ESSAYED Ali Kamal, member of the Association El Amal El Watani; Mohamad Abdellah Enahas, labour activist /union member; Mohamad Hassen Khalil, Egyptian Socialist Party;

FRANCE: Daniel GLUCKSTEIN, National Secretary POI, ILC coordinator;  Clément Robert, POI; HEBERT Patrick, union activist ; GAUTHIER Lucien, editor of Informations Ouvrières POI ; HAYON Samy, union activist; RAGUIN Hubert, union activist; Majed NEHME, editor of Afrique-Asie newspaper

GABON: Joseph MENGARA, Deputy General Secretary UTG in charge with international cooperation;

GUINEA: DIALLO Abdoulaye Lelouma, representative of the Organization of African Trade Unions (OUSA) to the ILO in Geneva;

HAITI: St-CYR Fignole, General Secretary, Autonomous Confederation of Haitian Workers (CATH);

ITALY: MONASTEROLO Andrea, factory worker, member of CGIL ; GRANAGLIA Dario, factory worker, member of CGIL; CIGNA Alessandra, teacher, member of CGIL;

LIBYA: Mohamed Said Ben Abdelhamid, writer; Aissa Hassan Ismail, activist;

MALI: ISSA DIAKITE, union activist; DAO Baba, union activist; Guissé Ibrahima, union activist synacome EDMSA/UNTM; Nouhoum Keita, administrative secretary (SADI) Party of African Solidarity for Democracy and Independence; KONARE BALLA, university professor activist and member of the central committee of the Party of African solidarity for Democracy and Independence (SADI);

MAURITANIA: SIDI Ould Ahmedou Ould Boyé, Deputy general secretary of the Congress of the Free Trade Unions of Mauritania (USLM); Boumediene Ahmed Salem, secretary of external relations Union of workers of Mauritania;

MAURITIUS: M. Haniff PEERUN, president of Mauritius Labor Congress ;

MOROCCO: Karim ELKHEMLICHI, union activist, Editor of Informations Ouvrières newspaper; Khalid HOUIR, representative of the democratic federation of labour (CDT); Khalid El ADJBARI, union activist national federation of teachers (in personal capacity) ;

NIGERIA, Promise ADEWUSI, Deputy president, Nigeria Labor Congress (NLC) ; BELLO ILIYAS Abdulraoof, Senior staff, Nigerian universities Union (SSANU);

NIGER: HAMANI Harouna, national deputy ;

PALESTINE: SALAH Mohamed, PFLP ; Salah Salah, member of the Palestinian National Council;

PORTUGAL: AIRES Rodrigues, Workers’ Party of Socialist Unity (POUS) ;

RUSSIA: Mark VASILIEV, Socialist Movement of Russia;

SENEGAL: MAMADOU Diouf, General Secretary, CSA; Malick SY, Yoonu Askan wi movement for people’s autonomy;

SERBIA: VELICKOVIC Djuro, EC of Electrician union; IMSI- ROVIC Pavlusko, Political Workers’ Alliance;

SPAIN: Luis GONZALEZ, member of the Federal Council of the CC.O.O ; Xavier ARRIZABALO, professor of economy at the University of Madrid; Angel TUBAU, Informaciones Obreras; Myriam JOSA, journalist of La vanguardia newspaper (Barcelona);

SOMALIA: Mohamed Maié, director, Tools for Humanity ;

SWEDEN: CARLSTEDT Marcus, union activist, anti-imperialist bloc; Annika BLOMBERG, workers activist. anti-imperialist bloc;

TOGO: DJISSENOU Yawo Marius, MTRP activist; KIFALANG TE Marguerite, President of UFESYL; GBIKPI-BENISSAN Tetevi, General Secretary, National Union of the independent trade unions of Togo (UNSIT) ;

TUNISIA: DHIBI Kheireddine, student; GUESMI Lotfi, member of primary education union UGTT; Mohamed EL HADDAD, teacher of Arabic language; BEN LARBI Mohamed, Sawt Al Oumal newspaper; Amar Amroussia, member of the leadership of the Communist Party of Tunisian workers (PCOT); Tahar Mohamed CHEGROUCHE, progressive activist;

TURKEY: BORATAV Korkut, academic; Gencay Gursoy, academic; Sadi OZANSU, President of the Party of Workers’ Fraternity (Turkey); Ahmet TONAK, academic;

UNITED STATES: Colia CLARK, Haiti-Guadeloupe Solidarity Committee; Nellie HESTER, Harlem Fight Back against war at home and abroad, Occupy Harlem; Omowale CLAY, Organizer, December 12th Movement international Secretariat; Alan BENJAMIN, delegate, SF Labor Council ; Nancy WOHLFORTH, Co-Convener, US Labor Against WAR

VENEZUELA: Saul ORTEGA, Partido Socialista Unido de Venezuela


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