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Call for worldwide demonstration for Sunday 15th January 2012 / #15J!

Posted by Fredsvenn den januar 14, 2012

World Revolution for Real Democracy

#14Ja - World day of people's assemblies

we occupy the 15.01.2012 / #15J millions for globalchange

Once more together and worldwide for another global action day. Call for worldwide demonstration for Sunday 15th January 2012 / #15J!

Occupy the streets,
occupy the hearts,
occupy the world!

-for more education and social security;
-for a social participation of all people;
-for a conscious approach to responsibility;
-for the decision-making sovereignty of citizens around the world!

Invite your friends!
United for #globalchange

» Since May 15, 2011 a movement unprecedented in form and substance challenges the»representative democracy». This movement has spread from Spain around the world despite the countless media manipulation and police repression. The probability of a global revolution has rarely been this strong.

Democracy is a political system where the «people» have the power. The words «representative democracy» are operations to make us believe that we are a democracy. But we have never lived in democracy; freedom of expression is not enough. In our political system, the masses give all power to a minority, without any control.

The social, economic and environmental crises we all know are related to the oligarchic nature of our political systems. For the common interests to take precedence over private interests, there is only one solution: that the majority participate directly in politics.

True democracy has no preconceived model, it is up to us all to build it on the streets. To continue to build this global democracy, we call all of you to create and participate in popular assemblies, wherever you are, on Saturday, January 14, and Sunday, January 15, 2011.

Create events on the internet, in the street, in every city and in every district, stream. Read this text in assembly, in the occupy camps , and with your friends. Tomorrow Humanity will find the road to progress.

So on the 14. January all the people may practice democracy in assemblies and construct the movement, and on the next day the 99% may massively march and protest in the streets!»

14Ja – World day of people’s assemblies

15J millions for globalchange


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