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NATO Game Over – International Direct Action NATO HQ

Posted by Sjur Cappelen Papazian den februar 29, 2012

From 15 till 22 May 2012, the next NATO Summit will be held in Chicago. High on the agenda will be NATO’s role as an instrument for military intervention all over the world, and the outcome of the Deterrence and Defence Posture Review (DDPR) currently being conducted within the Alliance – defining the role of NATO’s nuclear weapons.

A unified European action is needed well in advance, as a strong signal to our European governments. They should give clear instructions to their NATO ambassadors and other representatives before they leave for Chicago:

NATO’s tactical nuclear weapons in Europe are anachronistic, useless, illegal according to International Humanitarian Law, and counterproductive to the non-proliferation process.

Military threats and interventions aggravate conflicts rather than resolve them. To give this signal, Vredesactie will organize a nonviolent direct action day at the NATO headquarters in Brussels.


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