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Assembly for European Democracy i Firenze i november 2012

Posted by Fredsvenn den august 8, 2012

Europe is today pervaded by a need to build, albeit in new forms, a European public space, and by the need to look to the next 10 years with common objectives, agendas and strategies. The crisis and the austerity policies can be beaten, but we are aware that to achieve this we have to get away from fragmentation and the closure of each in their own narrow national dimensions.

The European forum Florence 10+10 will bring together over four days citizens, social movements, trade unions, network and social forces from throughout Europe recognising themselves in the demand for radical European democracy and the necessity of re-building a popular and democratic front of European citizens.

European Alternatives (EA) promotes democracy, equality and culture beyond the nation states. EA believes that in a globalised world progressive politics must be articulated and fought for beyond the nation state.  EA organize the Transeuropa Festival, which take place every year in May.

Florence 10+10: A democratic rupture for Europe

European Alternatives

People’s Assemblies Network


Demokrati og glede


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