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Urge the NYT to Investigate Four Questions on the WikiLeaks Case

Posted by Fredsvenn den august 24, 2012

Until now, major media have allowed U.S., British and Swedish officials to get away with claiming that the British and Swedish legal pursuit of Julian Assange has nothing to do with the prospect of a U.S. prosecution of WikiLeaks, even though there is considerable evidence to the contrary. Recent developments in the case have given media an opportunity to revisit the issue.

Four questions are crucial to judging official claims that there is no connection between the British-Swedish legal pursuit of Julian Assange and the threat of U.S. prosecution of WikiLeaks:

Why won’t Sweden question Assange in the U.K.?

Why won’t Sweden say it won’t extradite Assange to the U.S.?

Why won’t the U.K. say it will oppose a U.S. extradition request?

Why won’t the U.S. say it won’t seek Assange’s extradition from Sweden?

Join us in urging the New York Times to pursue four basic questions whose answers are crucial to judging claims that there is no connection between the cases, and no danger that Assange would be extradited from Sweden to the United States, by signing the petition below.

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