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Slutten på sivilisasjonen – slik vi kjenner den?

Posted by Fredsvenn den september 7, 2012

How do we know this global warming is human caused, or man made? is global warming real, or a hoax? Consider the facts: the climate has left the natural cycle path. Multiple lines of evidence and studies from different fields all point to the human fingerprint on current climate change. The convergence of these evidence lines include ice mass loss, pattern changes, ocean acidification, plant and species migration, isotopic signature of CO2, changes in atmospheric composition, and many others. The only identifiable cause is human influence and increased greenhouse gas emissions. Science has simply not found any other cause factor that can account for the amount of current increased radiative forcing and associated warming.

Exploring how the dynamic relationships between system processes and methods affect our world and how we can see further to create new knowledge and understanding. By exploring the dynamic interactions of systems we open a portal into future potentials. Understanding these connections allows us to see the connections between our history, the moment, and our future.

Human Caused Global Warming

Climate change is accelerating, but there’s a massive ray of hope: clean energy is booming, producing nearly 20% of the world’s electricity! Incredibly, the US and EU are threatening to stifle this breakthrough — but together we can stop them.

In the last decade the Chinese government has invested billions in solar, sending panel prices plummeting and making clean green tech almost as cheap as dirty fossil fuels. But the US and EU, who give billions in taxpayer subsidies to Big Oil and Coal, are about to drive solar prices back up by putting tariffs on China, and now China is threatening to retaliate. A full on trade war is brewing that could kill the crucial green energy revolution.

The EU and US are deciding right now. Most of the solar industry is against tariffs — and now massive public support could tip the balance. Sign the urgent petition on the right to save solar – if we build a 500,000 strong petition, Avaaz will make a formal submission to the US International Trade Commission and EU trade Commissioner calling for talks not tariffs.

Avaaz will formally submit the petition to the US Department of Commerce and European Commission next week. In the meantime, the EU has an open public consultation open and for the next few days, they are accepting formal written submissions. Let’s strengthen our call for talks not tarifs, by flooding the Commission with messages.

Some points worth considering, but the more personal our messages the better:

  • Europe should not impose tariffs on chinese solar panels because it could lead to Chinese retaliations on European products, and a trade war would cripple the EU economy.
  • Tariffs on Chinese panels would raise the costs of solar energy, just as it’s beginning to compete with polluting fossils fuels. From a climate change standpoint this is opposite of what we need to be doing.
  • Inexpensive Chinese panels might hurt European manufacturers, but they’ve triggered a boom in solar energy, employing thousands of people in component manufacturing, installations, and service. Tariffs would threaten these jobs.
  • Instead of putting tariffs on Chinese panels, European leaders should cut fossil fuel subsidies, invest heavily in appropriate renewables, and work with China to facilitate trade and speed up the clean energy revolution.

Click here to email a submission to the Commission: trade-solar-dumping@ec.europa.eu

A massive ray of hope on climate

Slutten på sivilisasjonen – slik vi kjenner den?


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