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Fremtiden avhenger av deg!

We rededicate ourselves to building a society that is fair to everyone!

Posted by Fredsvenn den september 17, 2012

One year was never going to be enough.  A unified movement for peace and justice must never end. As Occupy enters year 2, without the corporate media’s help, but with months of experience under our belts, we rededicate ourselves to building a society that is fair to everyone, including future generations, a society that doesn’t just feed the insatiable greed of the 1%.

Go to OccupyNowForFuture.org to sign this:

I commit to working locally and nationally, in the real world as well as online, to build and strengthen a multifaceted nonviolent Occupy movement regardless of the outcome of elections, a movement dedicated to empowering people and disempowering plutocracy, a movement advancing an agenda that includes:

–Taxing the rich and corporations
–Ending the wars and cutting spending on war preparation
–Strengthening Social Security and expanding Medicare to cover us all
–Ending corporate welfare for oil companies and other big business interests
–Transitioning to a clean energy economy, reversing environmental degradation
–Protecting worker rights including collective bargaining, creating jobs and raising wages
–Taking the money out of politics
–Making education a right, not a privilege
–Making housing a right, not a privilege
–Breaking up corporate media monopolies
–Restoring and expanding civil liberties

The RootsAction.org team



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