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The world’s largest and most effective online campaigning community for change

Posted by Fredsvenn den september 24, 2012

Dear friends,

Today is a big day for Avaaz. If you join in, we might just move from having a small team of 40 campaigners to having 40,000!!

When I started Avaaz, it was just a crazy idea. But I loved the idea, and shared it, and now it’s an idea that 16,000,000 people share! I’ve been blown away by the passion, creativity, smarts and commitment of everyone in this community. Every day Avaaz members send in brilliant and important ideas for new campaigns to create the world we all want – more than our small staff could ever carry out alone.

So, to unlock all the incredible potential of our community to change the world, we’ve developed our website tools to allow any Avaazer to instantly start their *own* online petitions, tell friends, and win campaigns.

The site just went live – will you give it a try? Think of a petition you’d like to start on any issue – something impacting your local community, some bad behaviour by a distant corporation, or a global cause that you think other Avaaz members would care about. If your petition takes off, it may become an Avaaz campaign – either to members in your area, or even to the whole world! Click here to get started – it takes just a few minutes to create your own campaign!

I’m so excited about this. In just five years, Avaaz has run an incredible number of hard-hitting campaigns and grown to be the largest-ever global movement for change, all with just a tiny staff – imagine what’s possible with all of us starting and winning amazing campaigns! I can’t wait.

With much respect and hope,


The world’s largest and most effective online campaigning community for change


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