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Posted by Fredsvenn den september 25, 2012

Colonel Miles Quaritch

Colonel Miles Quaritch was the main antagonist of Avatar and the chief of security of Hell’s Gate on Pandora. Having no regard for indigenous lifeforms, especially the Na’vi, and considering them all expendable, he directed the destruction of the Omaticaya Hometree and led the SecOps forces in an attempt to destroy the Tree of Souls. He was killed when Neytiri shot him twice through the chest with her father’s bow.

Memorable Quotes:

«You are not in Kansas anymore. You are on Pandora, ladies and gentlemen. Respect that fact.«

– Quaritch welcoming his team.

«Out there, beyond that fence, every living thing that crawls, flies or squats in the mud wants to kill you and eat your eyes for jujubes.»

– Quaritch explaining Pandora to the newcomers.

«It is my job to keep you alive. I will not succeed. Not with all of you.«

– Quaritch getting the attention of the ‘fresh meat’.

«This low gravity’ll make you soft. You get soft, Pandora will shit you out dead with zero warning.«

– Quaritch to Jake on their first meeting.

«You crossed the line.»

– Quaritch to Jake after witnessing him disable an RDA Bulldozer.

«So, you find yourself some local tail, and you just completely forget what team you’re playin’ for?»

– Quaritch to Jake after he attacks a dozer.

«These dumb bastards ain’t getting the message. Alright, let’s turn up the the heat. Switch incendiaries.»

– Quaritch to Dragon gunner.

«This is Papa Dragon. I want this mission high and tight. I wanna be home for dinner.»

– Quaritch speaking prior to the assault on the Tree of Souls.

«Come on, come to papa!»

– Quaritch just before stabbing Neytiri’s thanator.

«Nothing’s over while I’m breathing!»

– Quaritch speaking to Jake before their battle.

«Hey Sully, how’s it feel to betray your own race?«

– Quaritch taunting Jake during their fight.
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