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Madrid On The Brink: S25 → S29

Posted by Fredsvenn den oktober 2, 2012

This short film chronicles the events of September 25-29th in Madrid, Spain where tens of thousands of people have taken to the streets to
demand the resignation of the government and an end to police brutality. Many of the protests ended in clashes with the police.
Since the stand off began on September 25th , the images of police brutality have travelled the world over, shocking and inspiring people
across Europe and leading to an international day of action on September 29th. This film tells the story of why so many people took
to the streets and follows these events as they unfolded.

Youtube: Massive Protests Fill the Streets of Madrid

The so-called ordinary people really understand the situation – that’s why the state are so scared and resort to violence – they have lost the debate so declare war on their populations. The whole world support the brave Spanish people. Viva Espana!

Madrid protests: Spain reels under deep economic pain

Spain police fire rubber bullets at Madrid protest

‘Democracy kidnapped!’ Madrid police fire rubber bullets as – RT

Madrid Protests: Police Admit ‘Secret’ Agents But Deny Provocation

Madrid Protests: Bar Owner Protects Demonstrators From Police

2011–2012 Spanish protests – Wikipedia


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