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Stiftelsesmøte og åpent informasjonsmøte om borgerlønn

Posted by Fredsvenn den oktober 5, 2012

Dette er en lang, men kjempefin film om borgerlønn: Grundeinkommen – 23 Translation(s)

Den ligger instilt med tysk subtext, men du kan velge engelsk, dansk, svensk osv.. Anbefales!!

En ny organisasjon for innføring av borgerlønn vil se dagens lys. Det vil bli avholdt stiftelsesmøte for organisasjonen på Batteriet Fredensborgveien 24 A, Oslo, den 12. oktober kl. 17.30, mens det vil bli avholdt et åpent møte om hva som skjer internasjonalt på borgerlønnfronten fra kl. 18.30. Grete Antona Nilsen og Anja Askeland, som nylig har vært i Munchen for å delta på Basic Income Earth Network (BIEN)’s internasjonale konferanse, vil der oppsummere noen av foredragene og fortelle noe om borgerlønnsituasjonen internasjonalt. De har fått nye kontakter og har tatt med hjem mange ideer om hvordan vi videre kan gå frem i arbeidet. Erik Christensen fra Universitetet i Aalborg i Danmark har også foreslått et nordisk borgerlønnsamarbeide.

Stiftelsesmøte og åpent informasjonsmøte om borgerlønn

Ny organisasjon for innføring av borgerlønn ser dagens lys: Borgerlønn




Justice through unconditional basic income? A europe@debate on European Social Policy, Belfast, 7 June 2012

YouTube: Basic income│1

YouTube: Basic income│2

YouTube: Basic income│3

YouTube: Basic income│5

YouTube: Basic income│6 a

YouTube: Basic income│6 b

YouTube: Basic income│6 c

YouTube: Basic income│6 d

YouTube: Basic income│6 e

YouTube: Basic income│6 f

YouTube: Basic income│6 g


YouTube: Basic Income & Desteni proposal for Universal Equality

YouTube: Basic Income & Desteni proposal for Universal Equality

YouTube: Basic Income & Desteni proposal for Universal Equality


YouTube: Basic Income Grant Pilot Project

YouTube: Basic Income Grant: Occupy Wall Street’s Solution – Equal Money System


YouTube: Basic income

YouTube: Basic income guarantee

YouTube: Basic Income News

To: Everyone: Unconditional Basic Income Guarantees

To: Everyone: Unconditional Basic Income Guarantees :)

To: Everyone

We are at the crescendo of human history, and it is quite obvious that the narratives that have structured our society in the 20th century are no longer working in the 21st century. Lacking a coherent narrative to make sense of the World life becomes increasingly chaotic and confusing. It sounds cliché and it is, but this decade is the most important in human history because there is so much at stake. For us to make the needed transition to a new society it is incumbent that a culture of openness is established such that the synergy of collective intelligence can be utilized. This of course involves lowering the barriers that have been put in place to maintain a hierarchical society. Governments which pass austerity measures onto their citizenry are not progressive, when people are denied a livable future, they will rightfully revolt.

To give everyone an equal chance in life, we need to level the playing field in terms of the ownership of assets. This is also especially important given the long-term impact of technological unemployment which excludes people from contributing to society and threatens social stability itself. In his book “The Lights in the Tunnel”, Martin Ford argues that most routine jobs in the economy will ultimately be automated via advancing technologies such as robotics and artificial intelligence. He goes on to suggest that without a basic income guarantee, this will cause widespread unemployment and a drastic decline in consumer demand and confidence.

A common objection to such a proposal of entitlement is that people would have no motivation to work. If money was no longer an issue what would you do? Sit around doing nothing with your life waiting to die, or would you want to find something meaningful to do with your time and skills? Much of the lazy work ethic that people have today is a direct result of doing a job that they don’t care for.

The goal of the future economy is not to provide “jobs” as most politicians seem to think. This type of thinking is a reification of the infinite growth paradigm they are trying to prop up. New jobs can only be created by producing more private goods and services, that is not what we need because it ultimately encloses the commons ever more and pushes us ever further towards ecological catastrophe. That said, whilst there may be a shortage of jobs, there is no shortage of work to be done. There are communities to rebuild, students to teach, forests to replant, rivers to clean, homeless to feed and so on.

This petition will keep ticking

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Basic Income in a Globalized Economy

A Basic Income for All

About Basic Income

Unconditional Basic Income in a Capitalistic System

Global Basic Income: Definition and Arguments

Proposals for freedom in the economy: unconditional basic income

Unconditional Basic Income

Surprising case for basic income

European Citizens’ Initiative concerning “Unconditional Basic Income”

Basic income guarantee – Wikipedia

Basic Income Earth Network – Wikipedia


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