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Occupy for Animals!

Posted by Fredsvenn den oktober 18, 2012

Who we are:

We are people from all walks of life, from different countries and even continents, with different skills but we all have one thing in common: a great love for animals, and the strong desire to make a real difference in the way animals are treated in our world.

Occupy for Animals!

We are here because:

Because 99% of animals live in unimaginable misery, because they are horribly abused by humans who think that animals belong to them.

Because not only people, but also animals suffer from oppression, greed and corruption. Because animals are enslaved and exploited by corporations and politicians who value money above freedom and a respect for life in general. 

Because animals are not ours to eat, to wear, to experiment on or to use for our entertainment and since animals can’t speak nor write, we have to inform people of the suffering that goes on, conveniently out of the public eye.

Because we – the humans – are the animals’ voice. Because we have a moral obligation to speak up for their rights and a life that is worth living.

We want to inform the public not only about the cruelty and the suffering that animals have to endure day in, day out, but also about lies that are being fed to us, about facts that are deliberately hidden and which affects both our own health and the environment, and consequently our future.

As Dr. Steven Best & Camille Marino so well stated in their article «Animal Lib at Occupy» published on the website of Negotiation is over:

«We must connect on issues of corporate globalization, capitalist exploitation, the ruination of the environment, climate change, species extinction, the spread of agribusiness and huge spike in world meat consumption, the appalling massacre of over hundred billion land and sea animals for food consumption, the epidemic of diseases transmitted through the conventional food supply and the growing power of Big Pharma who’s profits depend on perpetuating disease rather than promoting health. At the center of concern for all groups – social justice, environmentalists, farmers, indigenous peoples, heath care activist, and animal liberationist, and so on – is the systemic consequences of the growth of agribusiness and meat production, and no sane, evolved, or sustainable world can tolerate this force of destruction anymore than we can accept the hegemony of multinationals and the state-military complex in our lives.»    to read the entire article, please click HERE!

We cannot make systemic changes in society without a full analysis of power and domination. Challenging the oppression of one group requires us to understand the oppression of others, and challenge the oppression of all. 


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