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Posted by Fredsvenn den november 5, 2012

Maybe the Irish isn’t as close to the Armenians genetically as what’s written here, but the Tocharians, which consists of the haplogroups J2, R1b and G, are.

The Tocharians, which went to the east (Siberia etc), are very closely connected culturally with the Celts. Both the Celts and the Tocharians, which doesn’t any longer exists, share together with all other Indo-europeans the same roots from Caucasus for about 6.000 years ago.

While the Anatolians was the first Indo-european group who left from the Indo-european urheimat in the Caucasus, the Tocharians was the next. Armenian, it self an Paleo-balcanic language closely related to Phrygian, and to a lesser extent to Greek and Sanskrit, is maybe the first Indo-european language.

But Armenian language consists of two different languages. On one side it is Indo-european, and on the other side it is North-east Caucasian, which connect Armenian language to both Chechenian and Ingushetian. North-east Caucasian is the first agriculture language. It have it’s roots in the Gobekli tepe culture in the Armenian highland, which arose for around 12.000 years ago.

The marvelous Gobekli tepe culture dispersed for around 9.000 years ago, and spread the agriculture into Europe, as the old european cultures, to the south and into Egypt, as the Semittes (which appears for around 8.000 years ago), to the south-east, as Tell halaf culture and the Sumerians, to the east, where they constructed the Indus civilization, and to the north, where they constructed the trans-cucasian Shulaveri Shumo and Kura Araxes cultures.

The Northeast Caucasian languages constitute a language family spoken in the Russian republics of Dagestan, Chechnya, Ingushetia, northern Azerbaijan, and in northeastern Georgia, as well as in diaspora populations in Russia, Turkey, and the Middle East. They are also called Nakho-Dagestanian / Nakh-Dagestanian or just Dagestanian (Daghestanian), or sometimes Caspian, as opposed to Pontic for the Northwest Caucasian languages.

The Vainakh (also spelled Veinakh) languages consist of the dialect continuum between the Chechen and Ingush languages, mainly spoken in the Russian republics of Chechnya and Ingushetia, as well as in the Chechen diaspora. Together with Bats it forms the Nakh branch of the Northeast Caucasian languages family.

The name «Nakhichavan» in Armenian literally means «the place of descent», a Biblical reference to the descent of Noah’s Ark on the adjacent Mount Ararat. This is little else than the garden of Eden – where we learned the skills of civilization and became concious about our selves.

Hayk was the legendary founder of the Armenian nation. Hayasa-Azzi was a Late Bronze Age confederation formed between two kingdoms of Anatolia, Hayasa located South of Trabzon and Azzi, located North of the Euphrates and to the South of Hayasa. The armenians call them selves today for Hay, while the chechenians call them selves for nakh. Hayr means father in armenian, and heir means a person who inherits or has a right of inheritance in the property of another following the latter’s death.

In other words we are talking about Noah (Noak), and heir of Noah. we are talking about the birth of our civilization. You can also say we are talking about the birth of the aryans (the sun-people), which includes both caucasian, semittic and indoeuropean peoples. This is also mentioned in our oldest epic story, the story about Gilgamesh.

The Swastika is our oldest symbols, also known from the Samarra culture in Iraq. The word means balance and harmony, or well being, and many symbols, like the taoist Ying and Yang, can be said to be related. The swas – ti – ka is much used in Armenia, the first Christian state, even today, just like the goodess of love, Anahit, is. Anahata is the chak – ra of love in Hinduism.

Taking in consideration the world situation there seems to be something bad happening. The armenians experenced a genocide in the beginning of the last century, just as the the other christian people of Anatolia ans Soth west Asia also did. The war against Iraq in 2003 was little else than a shame for humanity.

Today the US, Israel and the Saudis together with Turkey and Azerbaijan are teeming up against countries like Syria, Iran, Armenia etc. This war will develop into WW3, and must not happen.

Groups all over the world must now seek real knowledge, understanding, peace, solidarity and justice. Groups like the M15, Indignados, Occupy, Anonymous and Wikileaks try to this. We need to take the power from the elites, and again continue our way in the cycle of life. We need to stop the people working for Mammon and together with people everywhere make a better world for all of us!

Sumerian – Sub – ar – tu (early sumerian state) (Subartu)
Hebrew – Heb (the sumerian queen) – ar – tu (the proignators of the isralittes) (Hebartu)
Armenians – Ar – men (armenians)
Ararat – Ur – ar – tu (the armenian kingdom) (Urartu)
Irak – Ur – uk (the old Iraqi city) (Uruk)

There is some grammatic rules – any vocals can be replaced, and the place of the vocals and the consonants can shift.


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