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Seminar om veien fremover for de sosiale bevegelsene tirsdag den 20. nov

Posted by Fredsvenn den november 19, 2012

Attac har i høst hatt en møteserie om krisa i Europa. På dette tredje tirsdagsseminaret fokuserer vi på den voksende motstanden mot krisepolitikken:

– Hvilke bevegelser og allianser i en rekke europeiske land er i ferd med å vokse fram

– Hvordan jobber sosiale bevegelser, fagbevegelsen og andre organisasjoner for å samordne seg

Idar Helle (historiker) vil innlede om kollektive bevegelser historisk, mens Benedikte Pryneid Hansen (leder Attac Norge) og Emilie Ekeberg (journalist, Klassekampen) vil gi en oppdatering fra Firenze 10+10 og den felles-europeiske streike- og aksjonsdagen 14. november – #14N. Vi tar første runde i diskusjonen om hva som skal skje fram til Alter Summit i Aten i juni, og vi gir et innblikk i hvordan Attac-bevegelsen arbeider for å samordne og utvikle politiske løsningsforslag på europeisk nivå.

Seminaret, som vil finne sted i rom 150, Harriet Holters hus, Blindern, tirsdag den 20. november kl. 17.00-19.00 og er åpent for alle. Man må ikke ha deltatt på de foregående seminarene for å bli med.

Samordnet kamp i Europa

Offentlig arrangement · Av Attac Norge


The European Union has reached an historical turning point. European political leaders and the economic and financial elites have seized upon the crisis to impose their own unjust, neoliberal and antidemocratic order. Dozens of European social movements from East, West, North and South have recognised this silent, on-going coup d’etat; they have rejected it and protested– but so far, they have mostly done so in their own national contexts. To stop and reverse the elitist takeover, social movements must join hands across European borders, denounce their common adversaries and organise joint action based on their own proposals. Organizing an Alternative Summit seems a useful step in that direction.

The political responses to the crisis that are dictated by the Commission, the ECOFIN Council and the ECB aggravate that crisis and threaten democracy. European personalities, networks and organizations call to come together to regain the democracy confiscated by the markets.

35 European personalities, 12 networks of researchers and 55 national or European organizationscall to launch an alternative summit in order to restore democracy in Europe. With a dozen of associated networks and calls, we are joining many associative, citizen, cultural, trade union and political forces that refuse the current orientations of the EU. Organizing an Alternative Summit seems a useful step in that direction.

The Alter Summit process needs good national or regional roots ; this is why we’re setting up, in as many as possible countries or regions, coordination committees who ’ll gather social movements, unions, academics and political personalities.

Read our Call here, circulate it widely!

sign it if you want to get involved or involve your organization.

Alter Summit

Alter Summit (FB)

We call all forces to join the appeal formally launched during an inter-network conference convened on Friday March 30, 2012, at the initiative of the Joint Social Conference

Below : the roadmap decided by 40 organisations on June 29th ; most important steps are the public launching day on 11/11 in Firenze, and the alter summit in spring 2013 in Athens

• Early July 2012: establishment of an European steering coordination, and national coordinations (or regional in large countries)

• September 2012 – Milano (13-14-15/09)

Finalization of the launch day of 11.11.12 (inside «Firenze 10 10») Update on national or regional meetings scheduled for October Update on the preparation of synchronized popular mobilizations in January (?) 2013 First project for Alter Summit in Athens (tbc)

• October 2012 Preparation of the «Florence >> Street >> Athens» process in as many countries or regions, by union meetings / social movements, based on a paper prepared for the launching day of 11/11/12.

Completion of the program of the Athens Alter Summit and of the date of the event of national or regional in January.

• November 2012 – from 8 to 11 Involvement of organizations carrying the project Alter Summit in «Firenze 10+10» : in the sectoral discussions on 8th 9th and 10th ; and during the day of 11/11 on the launching of the Alter Summit of Athens.

• January or February 2013 (? Tbc) National events «Another Europe Now! «A common date and common slogans (to be decided on 11.11.12). These events build the mobilization of the Alter Summit, and enable the «mass» of activists to get involved

• 1st half-year2013 Alter Summit in Athens (conference, » debt court » event, questioning policies …) (rem : WSF to be held in Tunisia late March)

• After Spring 2013: continuing to mobilize European and national, also in line with the European elections in 2014.

Roadmap July 2012-2013 – Alter Summit

Firenze 10+10 ends: Call for action and road-map

More than 4 thousand participants, 300 networks and organisations from 28 countries from all over Europe and beyond, met at Fortezza da Basso in Florence, to debate and strategize together for another Europe.  Over 100 meetings, and many new networks and campaigns launched.  A call for common action emerged from the convergences, and a proposed roadmap:


Our Democracy instead of Their Austerity

Social organizations, social movements, trade unions and citizens working against austerity and debt, for natural and social commons, for social and labour rights, for democracy, global justice and peace, for gender issues and migrant rights have gathered in Florence 10+10.

We call for a European permanent mobilization to support the fights against the crisis and build a future for everyone in Europe and in the world. This mobilization will include both convergence and decentralizes actions.

The first unifying initiative towards a European-wide convergence is the General strikes and mobilisations against austerity in many countries in Europe on the 14 of November 2012.

We propose to have a common day of action on the occasion of the EU Spring Summit, which will take place in Brussels on March 23rd. The format and final call for this common mobilization will be discussed and agreed in the following months in an open and participatory process.

We call for endorsement of the following actions and mobilizations:

  • 18 December 2012: World Migrants Day
  • 23-27 January 2013: Action Against Finanziarization of life and commons (actions against banks)
  • 8 March 2013: European action affirming women emancipation against austerity and debt
  • 26-30 March 2013: World Social Forum in Tunis
  • May 2013: Blockupy in Frankfurt (Germany)
  • 7-9 June 2013 (proposal): Alter Summit in Athens (Greece)
  • June 2013: G8 Counter Summit in UK (tbc)
  • Concrete solidarity actions to support the people hit by the Austerity policies as well as the victims of racist violence and abuse

All organisations and movements may endorse the actions in which to participate and the forms for doing so.

International agenda

World Social Forum i Tunisia i mars

WSF 2013

Registrations & Proposals for Tunis WSF March 2013

Launching of the registrations and the proposals of activities for the Tunis WSF (26-30 March 2013)

The 2013 World Social Forum will take place in Tunis, March 23rd to 28th

The process towards the World Social Forum 2013 in Tunis kicked off

Another World Social Forum is possible The road to the WSF 2013 in Tunis and beyond

Maghreb Social Forum 2013

World Social Forum – Wikipedia


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