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The Day That Margaret Thatcher Dies!

Posted by Fredsvenn den november 29, 2012

  • A fuckin Tory rat that ripped the heart and soul out of lots of Steel and mining towns. I’m from Motherwell and she left the place a derelict wreck and many families destitute. The worms won’t take a piece of you ya rotten old boot.

  • Women fought for almost 200 years for the right to vote. This woman was up for election the first year I was eligible to vote. To my eternal regret I used that very first vote for her. I got caught up in the whole «Britains first female PM». My mother wasn’t the smartest woman in the world, but she didn’t – she based her opinion on a simple premise : this woman took the daily free milk out of schools. She was right – I was wrong. Pay for her funeral? I’d rather eat my own thumbs.


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