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Posted by Fredsvenn den januar 7, 2013

The Battle Continues –Our Safety Net is on the Cutting Block

For the next two months Congress will turn its attention to budget cuts.  

We have an enormous budget deficit due to the near depression caused by the collapse of the housing market, two unpaid for wars, and out of control Pentagon spending -not  because Americans want to retain their “earned benefits” from Social Security, Medicare and Medicaid.

After such a large collapse it is necessary for the government to spend money to keep the economy afloat and to create jobs.   The government borrows at historically low rates to create jobs and invest in our future by funding education, infrastructure, clean energy, and the like.

Job creation should be our number one priority.  Putting people back to work, ending war and cutting outrageous Pentagon spending will repair our economy and lower our deficit.

Please sign the Jobs Not Wars petition now

If you have already signed we thank you.  Please spread this email far and wide – post it on Facebook – to pressure Congress we need lots of signatures.

Please consider sending a Letter to the Editor – we have made it easy – click here for a sample letter regarding budget cuts.

Powerful corporate lobby groups like “Fix the Debt”, Wall Street and many politicians are working very hard to convince Americans that we are unreasonable and must continue to sacrifice – that cuts must come from Social Security, Medicare & Medicaid and other domestic programs.  And that’s simply not true.

We can save 100s of billions by:

  • Reducing budget for U.S. overseas military bases by 20%:  $200 billion
  • Ending the war in Afghanistan Now:  $83 billion in 2013
  • Cut unnecessary and wasteful Pentagon spending:  $100 billion a year
  • Allow the government to negotiate with drug companies to obtain lower rates for Medicare prescriptions:  $220 billion
  • Eliminate Corporate Tax Loopholes:  $1.24 trillion over 10 years
  • Create a financial transaction tax for high-volume Wall Street Trading:  $1.8 trillion over 10 years

It is unacceptable to reduce spending on the backs of hard working Americans, the elderly, veterans, the poor, children and disabled when we clearly have other options that are far more ethical.

We thank you for your continued support in the ongoing struggle for a more peaceful and just world!


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