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Occupy Road Map 2012-2013: Occupy All Streets! Every Saturday (Beginning January 12 on Central Squares of All Cities)

Posted by Fredsvenn den januar 19, 2013

Occupy the World Together

The Plan 99: World rEvolution for Real Democracy 2012 – 2013

International road to dignity

Global Occupation General Assembly

Declaration of Occupation – 05/01/2012

How to Occupy the World

How to Occupy the World

Freedom for political prisoners ! Down with state terrorism ! Down with fascist junta ! All power to the Constituent Assembly. Its time to go to open state archives!

Occupy International support demand to initiate Constituent Assembly in every country of the world to make amendments in the constitutions, which claim new universal human and civil rights and offered to carry out joint action in order to quickly win over world fascism.

Initiative group «For convocation of Constituent Assembly» organize unauthorized rallies on every Saturday around the world.

We demand:

1. Freedom for all so-called political and wrongfully convicted prisoners.

2. Legality for all so-called illegal immigrants.

3. The equal civil rights for women and men.

4. a) Legalization of cannabis, psychedelics, hallucinogens ( all names, safety and actions of substances to be prescribed by law. Only the most positive will be allowed on the market ) and the decriminalization ( cultivation without the right to sell, use and possession is not punishable ) of all so-called narcotic substances.

b) Free ( of charge ) attendance of drug addicted people, but without violence.

c) Free delivery of narcotized substances to drug addicted people in spezialized hospitals ( replacement therapy ).

5. Acknowledgement of prostitution as a trade.

6. Amnesty of all prisoners to above-mentioned articles. Amnesty of all prisoners, who are not guilty of serious crimes. The making of conditions worthy of a human being for prisoners.

7. The creation of normal conditions for living and moving of people with handicaps.

8. The introduction of the right to referendum at all levels of territorial division.

9. The declassification and unrestricted access to all state archives.

10. New free democratic elections in single-mandate principle.

11. The nationalization of bank system.

12. The nationalization of all natural resources and military factories.

13. The profit of the development and utilisation of the natural resources should be shared for each one of the population.

14. The increase of the income ( minimum pay 10 € per hour ), pensions, scholarships and unemployment reliefs until the normal costs of living.

15. Free of charge : medicin, education, employment of children on the spheres of sports, music and art.

16. The control of the army. The fulfilment of military duty in the neightbourhood. Duty for the term of 9 months. Introduction of a civil duty as an alternative- also 9 months.

17. The traceble control of the state security services, the Ministry of the Interior and Ministry of Defence. No more non – official sessions and secret decisions at the Goverments and Parliaments.

18. The possibility of getting of a real estate from the state free of charge, that is not saleable to other people, for the cultivation of own grounds and the living upon it.

19. The possibility of getting municipal housing accommodation from the state, that is not saleable to others.

20. The creation of normal conditions for employees ( the yearly income until 21.000 € is tax-free ), and employers. Just burden of taxes ( progressive taxation ).

In brief : Left – liberal model, without cancellation of personal property, but with public property of natural resources and military production, and gradual reduction of the production of military equipment until the necessary minimum.

We call upon all earthlings to political strike!!!

Distribute leaflets inviting to our actions!


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