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The 5th Annual «Zeitgeist Day» (Zday) is only 6 weeks away!

Posted by Fredsvenn den januar 31, 2013

The weekend of March 16th marks the Fifth Annual occurrence of TZM’s flag-ship awareness action, the Zeitgeist Day (Zday). There has been around 350 Events on average each year stretching across 60-70 countries and TZM hope to make a great impact this year as well, especially given the increasingly dire state of human affairs on the planet earth today.

All information, submission forms, activist Tool Kit help and instructions can be found at the Zday: Global Website

It is important to note that your «Zday» can be large or small. Doing something is always better than doing nothing! It can be as small as an important film showing, streaming the Los Angeles Main Event Web-cast – or as large as a 1000 person arena with lectures and installations.

A suggested point of focus for all Chapters this year is to extract their points of focus from the new, emerging TZM Official Orientation Text: «The Zeitgeist Movement Defined».

Essays 1-8, with many more coming very soon, can be found here in PDF and Online Form: The Zeitgeist Movement Defined: Realizing a New Train of Thought


If you would like to share ideas about Zday and see others’ work, our new Global Forum has just launched and a section on this critical event day has been created: Forum: TZM Project: «Zeitgeist Day» (ZDAY)

A Zday Tool Kit is being created as well which will be updated with sample lecture PDFs and more media very soon: A Zday Tool Kit

If you wish to create a Promo and have it featured on the Global Site, please see inspirational samples here: Inspirational Promo Samples

You may submit your Promo: HERE

Please stay tuned to TZM Global Radio for further information as the weeks draw closer.


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