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Kurdisk leder unnskylder for det armenske folkemordet

Posted by Sjur Cappelen Papazian den februar 10, 2013

Kurdisk leder undskylder for armensk folkemord

Ahmet Türk (born 2 July 1942 in Derik, Mardin Province, Turkey) is a Kurdish politician in Turkey. Now he has apologized to Armenians on behalf of his ancestors who took part in the 1915 anti-Armenian massacres in the Ottoman Empire.

«It is time that we all re-read the history and accept the realities of the past. The Ottoman Empire used our fathers and ancestors in the massacres against Armenians, Assyrians and Yezidis,» Ahmet Turk, the leader of pro-Kurdish DTP, said in an interview with IMC-TV.

«We – as their sons, children and grandchildren – are obliged to ask Armenians for forgiveness. This will have revolutionary significance and may introduce changes in our future social and cultural calculations,» he said.

«I hope that Turkey will also admit that asking Armenians for forgiveness is of historical importance. Turkey cannot refute the fact that thousands of Armenians, Yezidis and Assyrians were massacred in the Ottoman Empire and since the tragedy happened before the establishment of Turkey as a republic, asking for forgiveness will not be that difficult for the country,» said Ahmet Turk.

Türk was the chairman of the former pro-Kurdish Democratic Society Party (DTP) in Turkey and was a member of the Grand National Assembly of Turkey. On December 11, 2009, the Constitutional Court of Turkey voted to ban the DTP, accusing it of connection with PKK. Türk was expelled from the Grand National Assembly, and 36 other party members were banned from joining any political party for five years.

Ahmet Turk lost his father when he was ten years old. His older brother was deputy of the Justice Party until he was murdered. Ahmet Türk, at the age of 31, then took over the leadership of the Kanco clan. With the adoption of the surname law in Turkey, the family took the surname of Türk. Ahmet Türk is the child of the second wife of Haci Sinan.

Ahmet Turk’s father Haci Sinan was a lumberjack in the service of his late father Hüyesin Kanco, a commander of the Hamidiye. The Hamidiye corps (literally meaning «belonging to Hamid», full official name Hamidiye Hafif Süvari alayları, Hamidiye Light Cavalry Regiments) were well-armed, irregular Sunni Kurdish, Turkish,Turkmen and Yörük cavalry formations that operated in the eastern provinces of the Ottoman Empire.

Established by and named after Sultan Abdul Hamid II in 1890, they were intended to be modeled after the Russian Cossacks and were supposedly tasked to patrol the Russo-Ottoman frontier. However, the Hamidiye were more often used by the Ottoman authorities to harass and assault Armenians living in Western Armenia.

A major role in the Armenian massacres of 1894-96 has been often ascribed to the Hamidiye regiments, particularly during the bloody suppression of the revolt of the Armenians of Sasun (1894), but recent research has shown that the Hamidiye played a less important role than previously assumed.

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