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Situasjonen i Syria

Posted by Fredsvenn den februar 27, 2013

Krigen i Syria er en proxy krig mellom Vest (Israel, USA og Europa) og Øst (Russland, Kina, India, Iran, Brasil mm). En krig som i verste fall kan føre til verdenskrig! Full støtte til en fredelig opposisjon i Syria som støtter demopkrati og et pluralistisk Syria fremfor en islamo-fundamentalistisk opposisjon støttet av USA og Arabia.

The Sitting Room Snipers

Sniper on a sofa: A Free Syrian Army fighter fires his sniper rifle from a house in Aleppo

With sweeping curtains, a chandelier and luxurious sofas, this was once the home of a seemingly well-to-do family in Syria. But now it is a place of killing, where a rebel sniper was pictured taking aim from the window as his comrades casually lounge around. The richly-decorated house is in the city of Aleppo, where constant fighting between government forces and rebels is tearing apart the lives of normal citizens.

The Sitting Room Snipers

The Sitting Room Snipers

Syria’s armenian community in danger of ethnic cleansing

The Turks committed genocide against Armenians a hundred years ago. It must not happen again in Syria

Congressman James McGovern (D-Mass.) this week called on Secretary of State Hillary Clinton to ensure that the United States acts with “increased vigilance in demanding that all parties in Syria protect minority populations, including Armenians and other Christian communities that have been caught in the cross-fire between opposing forces,” reported the Armenian National Committee of America (ANCA).

Rep. James McGovern:“We very much appreciate Congressman McGovern’s leadership and constructive engagement with the Department of State in ensuring that American aid reaches all those in need in Syria, including Armenians, other Christians, and all victims of violence and deprivation in and around the Aleppo region,” said Aram Hamparian, executive director of the ANCA. “We share his concern for the welfare of the innocent victims of this conflict, and join with him in calling upon the administration to apply the full force of American diplomacy in impressing upon all parties in Syria that they must protect minorities and all at-risk populations.”

In a letter sent to Clinton on Nov. 16, McGovern, who serves as co-chairman of the Tom Lantos Congressional Human Rights Caucus, voiced his strong support for U.S. humanitarian efforts, including an ANCA-backed provision in the House Appropriations Committee’s version of the FY13 State-Foreign Operations Bill calling on the State Department to prioritize humanitarian and resettlement assistance for minority communities, including Armenians and other Christian populations in Syria. Among the specific priorities Congressman McGovern raised in his letter were:

– Ensuring that U.S. assistance reaches all at-risk populations, including Armenians, Christians, and others in and around the Aleppo area.

– Encouraging the U.S. government to facilitate the timely delivery of aid to Syria provided by Armenian-Americans and other Armenians worldwide.

– Exploring with the Republic of Armenia assistance that can be provided to support and sustain the refugees who have fled Syria and sought refuge in Armenia.

McGovern also highlighted for Clinton the fact that “the Armenian community of Syria, particularly those in and around the Aleppo region, includes a great many descendants of survivors of the Armenian Genocide and the forced death marches through the Syrian desert. These Armenians, along with other Christian and minority populations, are, today, increasingly the victims of violence, in the form of bombings, sniper attacks, murders, kidnapping, and acts of destruction and desecration of holy sites. Only recently, the Armenian Genocide Martyrs Memorial Church in Deir Zor, a site of pilgrimage for Armenians worldwide, was severely damaged as a result of shelling from unidentified assailants.”

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