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2. Grenseoverskridende


Her er en rekke filmer. En del av linkene virker, mens andre ikke gjør det. Dette på grunn av at de har vært her en stund. Anbefaler å gå inn på YouTube og se etter de filmene som ikke kommer opp. De er av stor interesse!

Lykke til!

Linker – Grenseoverskridende


Birth pangs


Israel Lobby



US Liberty

Israel 911



Rachel Corrie



Libanon – Klasebomber


Armenian Genocide





Tyrkisk opposisjon










Birth pangs

Henry Kissinger The Birth Pangs of a Truly Global NWO ZOG


Bill Clinton agrees with Bush about the New World Order

Gordon ‘New World Oorder’ Brown Mansion Speech 2007

1961 speech Eisenhower Warns us of New World Order

Bush Speech to the UN (Edited)

How the End Began


History of Palestine Israel

History of a Conflict

Origins of Israel

Palestine 1948

“Al Nakba”–The Palestinian Catastrophe of 1948

Palestine 1946: King David Hotel Bomb Warning

Menachem Begin’s Nobel Prize Acceptance Speech 1978 Oslo

Cool Facts about Israel

Real Facts about Israel

The Iron Wall – Palestinian apartheid – Zionism

Video Israel Doesn’t Want You to See

U.S. Aid to Israel the homeland of the JEWS

Chomsky – U.S. Support for Israel is a Threat to World Peace

Noam Chomsky on Israel’s Policy of ‘Self-Defence’- Palestine

Seymour Hersh on U.S. funding Lebanon and Gaza violence

Israel’s U.S. phone database

Israel and drug smuggling

Israel Lobby

Shah of Iran on Persian Gulf, and American Jewish Lobby

Ahmadinejad did not threaten to “wipe Israel off the map.”

Jews In America, AIPAC & Israel Conversation with Tony Judt

The Dark Side of the ADL

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

Democrats Risk War with Iran to Serve Israel’s Agenda

Prof. John Mearsheimer on the Israel Lobby

Ralph Nader on Israeli / Jewish Lobby Robbery of Americans

Zionists have bought out American politicians – Sey. Hersh

Israel’s influence of US policy & the Israeli lobby

Israel’s influence of US policy & the Israeli lobby

Ralph Nader on Israeli / Jewish Lobby Robbery of Americans

Brzezinski on Carter’s book and Jewish lobby

President Jimmy Carter pounds Israel

Carter drops the Bomb!


AIPAC is pushing us to war with Iran for Israel

“The Israel Lobby: AIPAC”

AIPAC and NeoCon Policy

Zionist reporter Walter Pincus downplays AIPAC

AIPAC orders McCain to attack Iran

Zionist Hillary at AIPAC


History of Mossad

Israel’s Mossad – Black Ops and False Flags

Mossad death in Lillehammer

Victor Ostrovsky decoding the metaphor

US Liberty

The Attack on the USS Liberty

Israel Attacks the USS Liberty

USS Liberty Attack – False Flag

Israel attacking USS Liberty (USA Navy ship)

Israel Jammed USS Liberty Frequencies

Israels Barbaric Attack on the USS Liberty.

Israel 911

Israeli Jew spies Zionist agents

Spy Ring Israel 9-11 Conspiracy

Five Dancing Israelis Arrested On 9/11

Israeli 9/11 Spy Ring

Cheering Israelis,Were they Tracking Hijackers pre 9/11

Cheering Israelis,Were they Tracking Hijackers pre 9/11 2/2

Israel spies on the USA

911 Truckload of explosives Mossad Movers

Israel And 9-11

Israel and September 11 9/11

Israeli MOSSAD admitting 9/11 we were trying to document9/11

Dentist Whistleblower Who Met 911 Hijackers Poisoned

Footage of 9/11 Celebrations An Israeli Fake

Israeli Amdocs wiretapping spy on US 911 Liars


Homage to Carlos Latuff

Political Art of Latuff

Message from Latuff to Progressive Students Labour Front

Saddam inspecting his most advanced weapons

Palestinian Massacre at Sabra and Shatila

Peace, Propaganda & the Promised Land: Israel & Palestine

Apartheid Paradigm Palestine-Israel Noam Chomsky Annapolis

Inside Story-Annapolis:Middle East peace deal-26Nov07

Noam Chomsky On The Israel-Palestine Conflict

Noam Chomsky Palestine Israel occupation 101

Palestine and Israel Truth-Military Ocuupation-Must Watch

US. controlled press/ Hear the TRUTH from George Galloway

The Americans Who Support Israel & U.S. Weapons Industry

Israeli Army Uses Palestinian Children as Human Shield

Jewish Human Rights Palestinian Genocide Occupation

Free Palestine: Israel fucked by CNN

The Israeli Genocide in The Middle East

The Israeli Genocide In The MIdle East….

The Israeli Genocide in The Middle East


Gaza’s Reality

U.S. Funding Fatah in Gaza Hard Coup

Al Jazeera Gaza air strikes footage – 17 May 07

Gaza’s Reality (Occupation 101 Movie Clip)

Free Palestine: Gaza is not free, it’s a huge israeli prison

Gaza: The Killing Zone – Israel/Palestine

David Chater on Israel’s Gaza incursion – 15 Jan 08

Gaza violence escalates – 17 Jan 08

Humanitarian impact of Israel’s blockade of Gaza – 21 Jan 08

Palestinians break out of Gaza – 23 Jan 08

Palestinians break out of Gaza

UN security council fails to address Gaza – 23 Jan 08

Hamas stops Egypt sealing Gaza border – 26 Jan 08

HAMAS BULLDOZES Egypt-Gaza border

Humanitarian impact of Israel’s blockade on Gaza

Dimona bombers’ families speak to Al Jazeera – 06 Feb 08

Rachel Corrie

Free Palestine: Human shields by ISM against Israeli crimes

Zionist CNN, Sky & Fox Won’t Show U This About Israel

Rachel Corrie in “The Killing Zone”

Israeli bulldozer driver murders American peace activist

Palestine. Dedicated Rachel Corrie

Rachel Corrie: The Girl with DREAMS

Rachel Corrie american conscience


Free Palestine


Free Palestine – Sami Yusuf ft Outlandish – Try Not To Cry

Long Live Palestine

Free Palestine: ASALA NASRI alqbla Al Olaa

El Aqsa Nada – Moahmmad Fouad Palestine Song

Free Palestine: Free Palestine: Al Shaheed, Hany Shaker

Amr Diab- al quds de ardina


The Beautiful Lebanon

Lebanon Nature

Lebanon History

Birth of Lebanon

Lebanon Shocking Documentary “Fog of War”

Lebanon Israel Facts the Media Isn’t Telling You

Reality in Lebanon

Lebanon War

CNN & New Yorker – Bush Planned Lebanon War Months Before

”The American Democracy” Israeli War Crimes in Lebanon

Ramsay Clark Charges Israel, US with War Crimes

Chomsky – Lebanon Israel Facts the Media Isn’t Telling You

Israel Using White Phosphorus On Lebanese Civilians

Libanon – Klasebomber

US: Israel Likely Violated Cluster Bomb Agreement

Cluster Bombs: The Case of Lebanon

Cluster Bombs – Lebanon


Armenian Genocide

The Wall of The Genocide

Jerusalem – Armenian Genocide – National Geographic

Jerusalem – Armenian Quarter – National Geographic

Prelude to Genocide: Hamidian Armenian Massacres

Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide

Tears of Genocide

Hayastan: A Promise to Araxi (Armenian Genocide documentary)

Germany, Turkey and the Armenian Genocide

Armenian Genocide – Innocent Betrayed

BBC Special on Armenian Genocide

Armenians and Assyrians massacared 1915

Armenian Genocide 1915 – Family Survival Story

Armenian Genocide (1915) Survivor – Alice Muggerditchian

Armenian Genocide Survivor Vartan Hartunian

Talat · Enver · Djemal – REST IN HELL !!!


The New Tears of Araxes

About Western Armenia

Artsakh Liberation War

Artsakh Liberation War

Fedayis of Artsakh

Fedayi History

The Lisbon 5


Massacre in Iraq

Iraq Masscre

US Committing war crime – Bombing a mosque

Persecution Against Chaldeans In Iraq

Christian Persecution In Iraq: Father Ragheed Ganni


A Tribute to Peace for Turkey, Greece, Armenia and the World

Movement against the Armenian Genocide Recognition

Turkish Denial of Armenian Genocide

Genocide denied

Congress Discusses Armenian Genocide Resolution

FBI: Turkey Bribes Congressmen To Deny Armenian Genocide

The expansion of Turkish Propaganda in U.S. Congress

US-Armenian Genocide Bill and Turkey

US-Armenian Genocide Bill and Turkey

George W. Bush Opposing The Armenian Genocide Resolution

Bush Demands No Official Recognition Of Armenian Massacre

Bush administration publicly against the Genocide Resolution

Turkey angrily reacts to genocide resolution

Israel hinders resolution discussions

Armenians demostration – Israel

US H. Res. recognizes the 1915 Armenian genocide

Turkish Historian Talks About Armenian Genocide

Azeris’ and Turks’ Propoganda on YouTube !

Armenian’s Genocide Lies And All The Evidences

Muslims Debate the Jewish Holocaust and Armenian Genocide

Scholar writer speaks on denial of Armenian genocide-jewish

French Armenian Law Angers Turkey

Fascist Turkey

A Million Turks Gather For Protest


Genocides By Turkey

Aramean / Armenian / Greek genocide

Our Faith in God, Armenian Greek Assyrian

Beauty and The Beast: “Pontic Greek Genocide”

Hellenic Genocide

The Official Myspace of the Hellenic Genocide

1922 The burning of Smyrni by the turks

The destruction of Ionia

Turkish-Greek Population Exchanging

Minor Asia Greek Disaster

Assyrian History

Images Of Ancient Assyrians & Babylonians

Assyrian Persecution

Syriac/Aramaic Genocide 1915

Syriac/Aramaic Genocide

Assyrian rally in Moscow 12 July 2007

Rally in Moscow – Armenians, Assyrians and Greeks

Tyrkisk opposisjon

Elif Shafak and the article 301

Orhan Pamuk: Turkish Identity

Facing Up To The Past – Turkey

Orhan Pamuk: Turkish Identity

Orhan Pamuk and the 1915 Genocide

Armenian Journalist Hrant Dink Killed and Assain Arrested

Tribute to Hrant Dink

Letter To Hrant Dink

Letter from a Turkish Writer

Turks and Turkey is silenced with a penal code

Turkish Article 301



Turkey Begins Bombing Iraq!

Turkey-Iraq tensions

Kurdish Protesters Clash With Turkish Police

Turkey threatens war

Turkey PKK relations deteriorate

The PKK in Iraq – Turkey


Turkey celebrates Republic Day with continuing nationalism

Anatomy of cultivated rampant nationalism in Turkey

US Defence Secretary and Turkish Defence Minister

CNN Insight – Turkey’s army has eyes on Kirkuk not the PKK

U.S. denies approving Turkish bombing runs into North Iraq

Turkey & Iran Expand Cooperation on PKK Terrorism


Who Are The Kurds?

Kurdistan -The Greatest Leader in the World – Serok APO

Freedom for Öcalan/Dardayim

Abdullah Öcalan

Kurdish separatist leader Murat Karayilan’s interview


Cyprus angered by AngloTurkish Strategic Partnership

Cyprus Protests Anglo Turkish Strategic Partnership

Cyprus angered by AngloTurkish Strategic Partnership

Cyprus Issue December 2007

The Turkish Campaign of Terror and Invasion of Cyprus

1974 Illegal Invasion of Cyprus

Cyprus 1974

Turkish Military Parade for anniversary of 1974 Invasion


Tribute to Those Killed by CIA Atrocities

Armenian and Greek relations



The Death Of Yugoslavia

The Reality of War – Bosnian Conflict

War in Yugoslavia

NATO’s Illegal War Against Serbia/ Lies About Kosovo War

Yugoslavia — The Avoidable War

Noam Chomsky About Serbia, Kosovo, Yugoslavia and NATO War


Russian tanks in Kosovo: NATO crimes in Yugoslavia

Serbia won’t tolerate being divided: FM

Countdown to Kosovo’s independence?

Albanian Jihad – Ethnic Cleansing/ Genocide Of Kosovo Serbs

A Brief History Of Ethnic Cleansing Of Serbs In Kosovo

Kosovo – Emerging As A Bastion For Radical Islam/ Jihad

James Jatras: Kill, Maim, Get A State – Kosovo Facts

Agim Ceku. War Criminal. Kosovo. UCK. KLA. TMK. NATO

Kosovo / Metohija – 1998 Albanian War Crimes

Will Russia barter over Kosovo’s status?

Russia Today view on Kosovo negotiations

Kosovo Albanians sell Semtext used to bomb London

Kosovo war ! Fair or biased?

NATO’s Illegal War Against Serbia/ Lies About Kosovo War

Bondsteel Camp: Kosovo Independence. American Game Behind It

The west sponsors Terrorists in the Balkans:zionist war

Serbian Prime Minister on deal with Russian Gazprom


Ripple effect warning of Kosovo independence

Kosovo opens up a Pandora’s box: Russian spokesman

Kosovo independence to spark chain reaction in Caucasus?

Russia fears Kosovo will set a precedent

Abkhazia Welcomes You | P2


Istanbelaqwa By Ivan Bakij

Freedom for Abkhazia

Abkhazia today – territory of separatism and horror

Who are the Ossetians?

Georgia and South Ossetia: propaganda war goes on

Countries that don’t exist-Abkhazia and South Ossetia

Freedom to Republic of South Ossetia and Abkhazia

Citizens from the West in Russia Fighting CIA/MI6 funded War

Russian & Chechen Muslims who live in peace with Russia

New Borders of South-East Europe (Balkan+Middle East)

Georgian Separatist Regions Cause Friction Between Moscow

Georgia – Land of wonders

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