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3. Krig


Her er en rekke filmer. En del av linkene virker, mens andre ikke gjør det. Dette på grunn av at de har vært her en stund. Anbefaler å gå inn på YouTube og se etter de filmene som ikke kommer opp. De er av stor interesse!

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Linker – Krig

The Iron Triangle




Abu Ghraib



School of the Americas


Utarmet uran

Agent Orange



Irak krig

Irak krigsforbrytelsder

Irak krig løgner



Saddam Hussein


Saudi Arabia





Afghanistan – Opium


Viet Nam

Latin Amerika




The Iron Triangle

Eisenhower warns us of the military industrial complex.

1 – The Carlyle Group Exposed

Iraq/Military-Industrial Complex/The Ruling Class

Fog of War Excerpt

Military Industrial Complex


Anti-American Alliance! Russia & China Deepen Ties

Blood and Oil – Trailer


A Crusade?

Commander Bush and the Last Crusade

Blackwater: The Crusade

BushCult’s “Crusade” statement

Bush has lead us on a fools crusade

Radical Christian Missionaries in Iraq

Bush continues to define WoT in religious terms (aka Jihad)


Law expert: Bush ordered torture

The CIA’s “enhanced” interrogation techniques = TORTURE

Bush: Torture is Good for USA

Secret C.I.A. Prisons and Torture

Bush Torture Crimes

FBI torture in Africa

President Bush Pardon’s Himself against Potential Warcrimes

Extraordinary Rendition: Canadian on US Detention, Torture

Innocent man sent to Syria for torture

Ex-CIA Director Faces Torture Question on ‘60 Minutes’

Abu Ghraib

Abu Ghraib – Iraq

Abu Ghraib covered up, Congress misled by Rumsfeld

Abu Ghraib Prison


Guantanamo Unclassified

Guantanamo Bay

Guantanamo: Stop Them


Headzup: Tom Tancredo Says Waterboarding Isn’t Torture

John McCain on Waterboarding

School of the Americas

A little info about the School of the Americas

School of the Americas: American Foreign Policy

School of the Americas

War on democracy – School of Americas


Tesla Weapons

Nikola Tesla: The Missing Secrets

Monarch II: Introduction

Microwave Skinheater Weapon Demo

High Impulse Weapon System

Cluster Bombs: A Weapon out of Control – HRW

Skyguard Laser Defense System

Skyguard Laser Defense in Action

Directed Energy Weapon

Utarmet uran

Unmasking Secret Military Projects

Depleted Uranium

Depleted Uranium (My Public Service Announcement)

Depleted Uranium – US weapons causing Iraqi birth defects

Agent Orange

Vietnamese Struggle with Agent Orange

Agent Orange victims

Consequences of Agent Orange in Vietnam

Agent Orange and its effect

Children: victims of Agent Orange





Cheney ‘94: Invading Baghdad Would Create Quagmire C-SPAN

The US armed Iraq with bio and chemical weapons

David Rockefeller met with Saddam

CIA guns drugs bank fraud Iraq

Charlie Rose – Edward Said – Iraq – George Soros

On Orientalism-Edward Said

Why We Must Remain In Iraq

Hugh Hewitt: Bill Kristol on Iraq

Dick Cheney on Iraq

Irak krig

Shock And Awe

Shock and awe the terror alert is high

Andy Rooney On Iraq


The children of Palestine and Iraq

Wonderful World?

Iran-Iraq War Declassified

Butchering Iraq – Bush and Blairs Crusade

David VS Goliath (only a small minority of marines are bad)

StarWars in Iraq

Bush’s version of Iraq surge success misleading

Irak krigsforbrytelsder

US Soldiers talk about civilians killings

Atrocities,Testimony of a Former US Army Ranger in Iraq

Kill Everybody Ruthlessly:US Soldier Exposes US Policy-Iraq

Brave Marines Killing old Civilian Wounded Just For Fun

Civilized ? American Soldiers Throwing Bombs On The Sheep!!!

The Occupation-US Soldiers Shooting At Dog For Fun

Marines Rape 14yo Girl and Murder her+family+burned them

Why was this Iraqi woman raped more than 17 times a day?

From an Army Rangers mouth about Iraq

Blowing up a mosque in Iraq

US Crimes

Irak krig løgner

A Symphony of Lies

Blaming Muslims

Hardball (2005) – How The Nation Was Led To War

Bush Administration Caught Contradicting Itself 6 Times

Government lies, propaganda and war

The Petro Dollar, Iraq, Oil and Bush

The Whole Truth About the Iraq War

The Truth Behind the Iraq War

Uncovered:The whole truth about the Iraq war

Iraq War Veteran tells the truth about the NWO Iraq war

War hawk admits Iraq was about imperialism, not WMD

Colin Powell and Condoleezza Rice Tell The Truth About Iraq

Alan Greenspan- Blood For Oil

War hawk admits Iraq was about imperialism, not WMD

Part 1 – 60 Minutes Investigates CIA Info on WMD in Iraq


CIA: Administration knew intel was discredited

CIA Whistleblower Speaks Out on Phony Iraq War Intelligence

Part 1 – 60 Minutes Investigates CIA Info on WMD in Iraq


Iraq – War or Crime?

Impeach Dick Cheney

Impeach Cheney and Bush

Impeach Dick Cheney

The Movement to Impeach Cheney is Still Alive

Impeachment 2007 – A Constitutional Duty (Seymour Hersh)

Dennis Kucinich: Urges Congress to Impeach V.P. Dick Cheney

Bush Crimes Commission Video

Call Congress Today for Impeachment

Saddam Hussein

Why We Fight – Our Former Ally Saddam

Donald Rumsfeld and Saddam Hussein

A Documentary on Saddam Hussein

Iraq Under Saddam – A Documentary

Saddam Hussein – The Trial you will never see

Saddam Hussein Told CBS Iraq Had No WMDs in February 2003

VIDEO: Saddam Hussein Executed by Hanging


US veteran campaigns against Iraq war 13-Dec-07

IVAW confronts military recruiters in St Louis

IVAW members arrested at Fort Benning

Protesting The War In Iraq!!!

Iraq Veterans Against the War (IVAW) on GMA

IVAW rips Senate for MoveOn and Limbaugh time spent

Iraq War Veteran Returns His Medals in Protest

Ex-US Army 2003 Iraq War Veteran Says Bring Troops Home

Anti-War March on Washington, Sept. 15 2007, ANSWER & IVAW

Iraq Veterans Against the War Speak Out (1 of 4)

Kelly Dougherty on IVAW Strategy to End the War Against Iraq

IVAW Takes Manhattan – Operation First Casualty

IVAW members lead action in Congress

Soldiers are refusing to participate in the Iraq War

Saudi Arabia

Bush delivers 20 Billion Dollar Arms Deal to Saudi Arabia

President Bush announces a major arms deal with Saudi Arabia

Inside Story – Saudi arms deal – 11 Jun 07

George W. Bush and the King of Saudi Arabia

Bush arms dealer


The Arms Trade

Black market guns in iraq




Halliburton and KBR

How to be a war profiteer

Iraq for Sale Banned Excerpts

‘Iraq For Sale’ bonus scene: Blackwater

Iraq – Crimes against humanity

Iraq War Q&A – Negroponte’s US backed Death Squads in Iraq

The Death Squads (Iraq)

Death Squads – Iraq

A Deal With Satan

Private Iraqi Security Contractors

Inside Iraq’s Kill Zone

Blackwater USA – Secret Government

Private Armies

Iraq For Sale, The War Profiteers

High Risk Civilian Contractor DVD

Private Military Contractors


Fallujah: The Real Story – Iraq

USA Army crimes: White phosphorus and MK77 in Fallujah

Fallujah The Hidden Message


Have you forgotten? War in Afghanistan

Rogue American Terrorist Hunters in Afghanistan

Afghanistan war

Secrets of The CIA – Afghanistan

Soviet Invasion of Afghanistan and CIA Intervention

Bush,Blair and the C.I.A.

CIA Afghanistan 1979

Oliver North and Osama 1987

Mission Compromised

Good Morning America learns that Bin Laden is CIA

Afghanistan – The forgotten war

Afghanistan massacre — the convoy of death

Going Nowhere – Afghanistan

Afghanistan: The Other War part

Afghanistan (The War with Afghanistan)

Afghanistan War Video

Afghanistan War

These Wars We Witness Are Tearing Me

Afghanistan war pictures – AfghanMehan.com

Charlie Wilson’s War – Official Trailer

The True Story of Charlie Wilson

Without You – Charlie Wilson

Uzbekistan Mujahideen fighting in Afghanistan

Taliban control Afghanistan

Afghanistan – Opium

Afghanistan’s Opium Trail

Afghanistan Opium: Financing the Enemy; Expanding the War

Afghanistan – The Toughest Battle – Opium – 17 May 07

Flowers of Darkness – A History of the Poppy

Afghanistan’s Opium Trail


Pakistan: Great ISI General Hameed Gul (Special Report)

Secret Government – Pakistan

Pakistan: The Threat Within – Part1

Who’s Backing Terrorism in Pakistan?

Daughter of Power

Viet Nam

The US Massacre in Abu Sifa – Iraq’s Mi Lai

Vietnam War through The Things They Carried

Vietnam War – The Impact of Media

Latin Amerika

Life in El Slavador in 1989

George Bush and El Salvador

War on democracy – Countries attacked in Latin America

War on Democracy – Guatemala

War on Democracy – An individuals experiance in Guatemala

War on Democracy: Chile

Shadow War


Secrets of The CIA – Bay of Pigs

Bay of Pigs Part 1 – Castro’s Revolution

Fidel Castro and The Bay of Pigs

Che talking about the Bay of Pigs Invasion


U.S. Militarization of Africa

US Military in Africa, Blood Money and African Death

Africom – U S Millitary Base In Africa


American & Ethiopian Sponsoring Genocide in Somalia

Blood for Oil in Somalia

Somalia: US Military Strikes Against Civilians

The US in Somalia

Somalia & Oil: Will this complicate the situation further?

Somalia. (the history) by Abdisalam Aato

CIA Rendition in the Horn of Africa

Congo: The Broken Heart of Africa

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