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Fossil Fools Day – 1. april

Posted by Sjur Cappelen Papazian den mars 24, 2009

We are living through both alarming and amazing times: financial systems are creaking, climate change is being felt around the world, and the peak in fossil fuels fast approaches. Cracks are widening daily throughout the fossil fuel empire, and change is coming whether we like it or not.








The international Rising Tide network and its allies are calling for a day of action against the fossil fuel industry on April 1st 2009. On that day people from around the world will rise up to show the world that we refuse to fool around with climate change and our future. They invite you and your supporters/members to get involved in this day of action.

We have had enough of fossil fuel tomfoolery – empty promises and lackluster leadership from our governments and dirty energy companies. We have had enough of coal companies that destroy communities, poison our air, and spew global warming pollution. We are sick of oil and car companies keeping us dangerously addicted to oil. We know that tar sands development in Canada must be stopped. And we will kick every politician out of office who refuses to show bold, political leadership in fighting climate change. Speed up the end of the fossil fuel empire, and the beginnings of a more just and sustainable world.

Climate change is our generation’s biggest challenge, but also our biggest opportunity. We can make sure that as we move away from dangerous fossil fuels we are building not only a cleaner, but also a more just future. We will help ensure that the clean energy revolution leaves no one behind and creates hundreds of thousands of new, green jobs. Join us in building a more just future. Plan an action to spur green job creation in your community today.

Fossil Fools Day is about taking action in the name of carbon common sense:

leaving fossil fuels in the ground

abandoning false solutions

building real and just alternatives

On April 1st last year, people around the world celebrated Fossil Fools Day of Action. Over 150 actions took place across four continents. Oil, gas, coal and aviation were all targeted. Fossil fuel extraction, production, financing, PR and greenwash all felt the jester’s wrath. Actions spanned the full spectrum from the simply subversive to the downright disruptive: office occupations, banner drops, street theatre, Big Carbon blockades, city centre parades, spoof product launches, subvertising, leaflets, lock-ons and even a laugh-in. The tentacles of the carbon web were exposed for all to see, more people saw the empire for what it truly is – a sinking ship awaiting abandonment – and here and there, the carbon machine even ground to a halt.

Many and diverse organisations supported the event last year. With your help, this year Fossil Fools Day will be bigger, better and bolder. Here’s how you, your organisation and/or your supporters can get involved:

1. The best thing you can do is encourage your supporters/members to get together and plan an action where they live … from a bit of street theatre and a stall to an citizen’s occupation of a newly nationalised bank; a little local subvertising to a Big Carbon blockade.

2. Encourage your supporters/members to come along to Climate Camp in the City of London on April 1st – targeting carbon markets on the eve of the G20 leaders’ summit in London – because nature doesn’t do bailouts. Later, head off to spoil BP’s Centenary party at the British Museum. Join Rising Tide and Art not Oil, between 6-7pm, to say ‘Your Party’s Over!’ Bring banners, musical instruments, a sense of climate justice and a nonsense of foolery. Meet at 6pm at the British Museum’s Gt. Russell St. gate.

3. Help spread the word – email your supporters/members, add a link to Fossil Fools Day to your website or blog (you can grab a graphic for the event here), join the Facebook group, put posters up where lots of people will see them, hand out leaflets, etc.

Our actions are amplified when we act in unison. This year, in the build-up to the UN climate negotiations in Copenhagen in November, let’s see if we can reach over 1000 actions worldwide! On Fossil Fools Day, bring the spirit of carnival and mischief to the fight for climate justice.

Together we can build a more just and sustainable future. We are calling on communities across Canada and the US to show the fossil fuel industry and bad politicians that we mean business by organizing a Fossil Fools Day action today. Ideas include, but are by no means limited to: rallies at gas stations or representative offices, Critical Mass bike rides, office occupations, Billionaire’s for Tar Sands/Coal demonstrations, spank the bank visits, high-powered projections of solutions on the side of dirty energy factories, Board of Trustees meeting take-overs, hold a clean energy camp at a dirty energy site, do solar installations, make spoof videos and websites, offer alternative, clean energy bus rides, do some coal mining of your own at a coal company’s headquarters.

See also the Climate Camp, Network for Climate Action and Climate IMC.

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