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5. USA/Iran


Her er en rekke filmer. En del av linkene virker, mens andre ikke gjør det. Dette på grunn av at de har vært her en stund. Anbefaler å gå inn på YouTube og se etter de filmene som ikke kommer opp. De er av stor interesse!

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Linker – USA/Iran


WW III – USA/Iran?

Bush Warns of an Iran-Backed Nuclear Holocaust

A pretext for war in Iran?

Å ha eller true med, eller forberede krig med atomvåpen er den ytterste krigsforbrytelse. Les om NATOs planer for å forsvare vestlig utplyndring av vergeløse stater.

Er NATO en allianse Norge – eller noe land med ambisjon om anstendighet – bør eller kan være medlem av?

Fredrik S. Heffermehl

The controversial NATO sponsored report entitled Towards a Grand Strategy for an Uncertain World: Renewing Transatlantic Partnership” calls for a first strike use of nuclear weapons. The preemptive use of nukes would also be used to undermine an “increasingly brutal world”as well as a means to prevent the use of weapons of mass destruction:

The US-NATO Preemptive Nuclear Doctrine: Trigger a Middle East Nuclear Holocaust to Defend “The Western Way of Life”

By Michel Chossudovsky
Another [9/11 type terrorist] attack could create both a justification and an opportunity that is lacking today to retaliate against some known targets [Iran and Syria]” (Statement by Pentagon official, leaked to the Washington Post, 23 April 2006, emphasis added)


Drums of War

Bush – tale

Freudian slip







Krigen har begynt

Mojahedin Khalqh


Renomerte personer

Renomerte personer II




Støtte til terrorister




Israel angriper



Strait of Hormuz


Michael Chossudovsky War and Globalization

Global Research Articles by Michel Chossudovsky

George W Bush Threatens World War 3 (Hardball edition)

George W Bush Threatens World War 3 (Olbermann)

Bush Warns of an Iran-Backed Nuclear Holocaust

Fox CLown Sunday – 10/21 Bush, Kristol and World War III

Pentagon can Strike Iran W/In 24hr of Bush Order-War

Fox Clown Sunday – 10/21 Bush, Kristol and World War III

Bush: Iranian nukes could mean World War III

President Bush threatens World War III

George Bush Warns of Nuclear Holocaust

Bush: “Nuclear Iran = WWIII”

Fox Attacks : IRAN 2008Is there a Global War on Terror?

The Dangers of a US Sponsored Nuclear War

USA Terrorism: Hiroshima, Nagasaki Atomic Bomb

Nuclear War: A Guide To Armageddon

The End, Nuclear War

Target Iran


Drums of War

Don’t Let Them Trick Us into Another War

U.S. Plan to Attack Iran

Will the U.S. Attack Iran?

Bush & Iran

The Drums of War

Bush Pledges To Attack Iran

Bush – Let’s Bomb Iran

Bush – Let’s Bomb Iran

Bomb Iran Now

Iran War Is Next

What if America does attack Iran?

Global Pulse: US vs. Iran: The Allies

Bush Addresses Iran’s Nuclear Activities

Bush Drops the S-bomb


Bush – tale

Bush Threatens Iran and Syria

Bush’s War Against Iran and the American People

Declaration Of War with Iran

Hilarious Bush State of the Union Address Parody

Hillary laughs at State of the Union


Freudian slip

Freudian slip: Bush Threatening the United States

Bush Dictator

G.W. Bush, Dictator-in-Chief – Freudian Slip



Bush: I didn’t Know Anything About Iran

Seymour Hersh: Bush Admin. Has Known of Iran Intel All Year



Iran Vs UiSrAel

Fascists Attacking Iran

Iran, Bush & Pahlavi

Lies and Deceptions of Bush & Company

Who owns you Americans?

Neo-cons War with Iran – R18



Call Congress Today for Impeachment

Kucinich Resolution: Impeach Cheney – Article 3

The Movement to Impeach Cheney is Still Alive

Impeach Dick Cheney

Impeach Dick Cheney

Impeach Cheney and Bush


Preemptive Nuclear War vs. Christianity

Iran, The most Dangerous Nation, Discovery Channel

Iran – Consequences of an Attack

Iran vs USA – Possible Consequences

What Could Happen If the US attacks Iran – An Ironic View

Iran 2008, decide for yourself

Democracy in Iran, Bush Style

MIR: Armageddon



John McCain Thinks War is A Joke – “Bomb Bomb Bomb Iran”

Pepe Escobar: McCain’s song ‘bomb Iran’ shows agenda

McCain: War with Iran is more reality than hypothetical

Rudy Giuliani on War with Iran

Rudy Giuliani Promises to Bomb Iran



It’s Too Dangerous to Give Hillary Clinton Another Shot

Want war with Iran? Vote Hillary!

Why Senator Clinton? voted for the Kyl-Lieberman Amendment?

Hillary Laughs about Iran War Resolution

Headzup: Hillary Hot On Iran

Chomsky Applauds Gravel (Democratic Candidate for President)

Mike Gravel and Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton

Barack Obama on Iran

Krigen har begynt

Iran TV Accuses US of Sponsoring Terror Attacks inside Iran

How to start the war in Iran

Is America ‘Already’ at War With Iran?

CNN Video – War With Iran Has Begun

CNN Video – War With Iran Has Begun

A pretext for war in Iran?

MIR: Sanctions – A Prelude to War?

A Military Strike on Iran’s Nuclear Facilities Is Only A Tick Away

US plans to attack Iran

US War with Iran in 2008

Bush/CIA Covert Operations in Iran

Bush Orders Covert Ops Inside Iran

The Secret War Against Iran

Mojahedin Khalqh

MARYAM Rajavi-Norway_Parleman p1-1

CNN Report: Mojahedin in Iraq (MEK or PMOI)

Camp Ashraf – Iraq

Saddam Hussein & Massoud Rajavi – 1986



Oil in Iran needs protecting in 1914

Dr. Mossadegh

Mossadegh’s Biography

US Overthrows Iranian Gov in 1953

CIA Iran 1953

CIA Coup of 1953 from HC Ayatollah Khomeini declass.

CIA’s 1953 Coup in Iran

Secrets of The CIA – Iran

CIA coup of 1954 from the doc.,”A Coup made in America”

Iran-Iraq War Declassified


Renomerte personer

Iranian Government is Danger to Whole World ( War 3 WWIII )

Benjamin Netanyahu on Radical Islam

Benjamin Netanyahu on Iran

Woolsey Fearmongers On Iranian Nukes

AFPC Conference – Hon. R. James Woolsey

James Woolsey Former CIA Director Talks About The Mideast

USA Hijack the United Nations + CIA Say Iran is No Threat

John Bolton on Iran

John Bolton — Iran

Neocon John Bolton Pushes War Against Iran

Iran vs US – John Bolton Suggests Military Action on Iran

Headzup: Bolton’s Hard-On Iran

Hannity and Bolton Endorse Lieberman’s Warmongering

French Minister: Prepare for war with Iran

MIR: Sarkozy’s Middle East Push

MIR: Sarkozy’s Middle East Push

Norman Podhoretz on Iran

Cheney says we will not allow a nuclear armed Iran

Cheney says we will not allow a nuclear armed Iran

Bill Moyers: Dispensationalism And the Coming war With Iran

Hagee:Strike Iran ‘for Israel’ on Moyers


Renomerte personer II

Jimmy Carter On Iran (CBS News)

Dan Abrams – Bush’s Iran Story Doesn’t Add Up

Seymour Hersh on planned invasion of Iran

Sy Hersh Talks With Keith about Bush’s Plans to Attack Iran

Seymour Hersh On Iran

Seymour Hersh: The most dangerous administration ever

George Galloway talking about war with Iran

UN Inspector Scott Ritter: Fools would Bomb Iran

Scott Ritter on Iran’s lack of nuclear weapons capability

Amy Goodman interviews Scott Ritter

Scott Ritter – Target Iran

Scott Ritter on Iran

Scott Ritter on Fascism



New Iranian military achievements

Defenders of Iran ( 2007)

Iran Military Power

Iranian Military vs America in war

Navy General of Iran

Iranian joint chief of staff

Iranian General describes destructiveness of Iranian rockets

Shahab-3 Development

Persian/Iranian military past and present

Iranian Ex MP: If U.S Attackes Iran We’ll Attack Israel

Iranian Official: “No Place in Israel Will Be Safe”

IRG – Iran can recruit 12 Million fighters in 48 Hours

Iran Warns If Attacked It Will Fire 11,000 Missiles



Shah of Iran on Persian Gulf, and American Jewish Lobby

The Iraq War was Based on a Lie, and Iran is too

Iran Lies

Iran – What the Media Won’t Tell You

Iran – What the Media Won’t Tell You

TPMtv: Sunday Show Roundup: Talking About Spreading War

Mainstream Media is Selling Another War

Chris Matthews Sees “Case” for Nuking Iran

Dana Pushes Bush’s Big Lie, Reporters Sit on their Asses

Ahmadinejad did not threaten to “wipe Israel off the map.”

Iran vs USA – Propaganda

The Fox New All Stars Get Hawkish On Iran

Fox Attacs: Iran

Fox News Propaganda against Iran

BBC documentary: Will Israel bomb Iran?

CNNVid:Read Between the Lines – March to War With Iran



Chomsky on Iran and Nuclear Development

Bush Threats and Actions Risk Accidental War with Iran

Chomsky: Do the Democrats have a different answer on Iran?

Chomsky Discusses the Decline of the American Empire

Power and Terror – Noam Chomsky in Our Times

Noam Chomsky on The “Clash of Civilizations”

Noam Chomsky on US foreign policy


Støtte til terrorister

Sy Hersh: Inside Bush and Cheney’s World

Seymour Hersh about Osama & Al ‘Qaeda’s Afghanistan escapes

Seymour Hersh: US is funding Al-Qaeda to counter Iran

Seymour Hersh Interview with Wolf Blitzer

Seymour Hersh and our inept foreign policy

Seymour Hersh Plays Hardball June 18, 2007

Seymour Hersh on US funding Lebanon and Gaza violence

U.S. Funding Fatah in Gaza Hard Coup

US Supported (terrorist) Fatah al-Islam in Lebanon

Seymour Hersh: Fatah Al-Islam Crisis in Lebanon

USA Backs terror groups in lebanon! Allies of Al Qiada!

Is the US Secretly Funding Sunnis Against Iran? Olbermann



U.S. Aid to Israel the homeland of the Jews

U.S. Support for Israel is a Threat to World Peace

Apartheid Paradigm Palestine-Israel Noam Chomsky Annapolis

Inside Story-Annapolis:Middle East peace deal-26Nov07

Ralph Nader on Israeli / Jewish Lobby Robbery of Americans

Brzezinski on Carter’s book and Jewish lobby

President Jimmy Carter pounds Israel

Carter drops the Bomb!

Zionists have bought out American politicians – Sey. Hersh

Seymour Hersh: Jewish Money Controls Presidential Candidates

Israel’s influence of US policy & the Israeli lobby

Israel’s influence of US policy & the Israeli lobby

Israel’s influence of US policy & the Israeli lobby

The Israel Lobby and U.S. Foreign Policy

The Israel Lobby and US Foreign Policy

Prof. John Mearsheimer on the Israel Lobby

Mearsheimer, Foxman on Israel Lobby and Iran War

Kevin Zeese on the Israel Lobby and Iran

Endgame: A Future Scenario for Israel

Democrats Risk War with Iran to Serve Israel’s Agenda



AIPAC is pushing us to war with Iran for Israel

Re: AIPAC is pushing us to war with Iran for Israel

“The Israel Lobby: AIPAC”

AIPAC and NeoCon Policy

AIPAC orders McCain to attack Iran

Zionist Hillary at AIPAC



Israel’s Nuclear WMD

BBC – Israel ’s Secret Weapons of Mass Destruction

Zionist Israel Mass Production of Atomic Bomb

Dimona – Israeli Nuclear reactor

Dimona Israel Problems at Nuclear Reactor

History – Israeli airstrike on Iraqi nuclear reactor (1981)

Israeli Air Force Attack the nuclear reactor in Iraq

Olmert lets slips Israel has Nuclear weapons


Israel angriper

Israel Nuclear Threat (Iran) [BBC]

BBC documentary: Will Israel bomb Iran?

FOX All-Stars: Israel Has Every Right to Nuke Syria & Iran

Israel Violates UN Security Council, Occupying Syria’s Land

Israel Confirms Airstrikes on Syria

Israel Bombs Syria

Syrian Air Defences Fires on Israeli Warplanes!

MIR: Syria – Nuclear Lies

Galloway discusses Israel and Iran



Israel’s Nuclear Whistleblower – Mordechai Vanunu

Vanunu and the Bomb

We Are Wide Awake (WAWA) interviews Mordechai Vanunu in 2005

An illegal interview with Mordechai Vanunu

Uncensored Video Interview with Mordechai Vanunu

Mordechai Vanunu – Israel/Palestine



Anti-American Alliance! Russia & China Deepen Ties

Putin supports Iran

The Russia – Iran Connection

Russia Aligns with Iran

Vladimir Putin Warns the U.S. don’t attac Iran

Putin warns US against military action on Iran

Putin to Bush: “Hands Off Iran”

Assassination threat on Putin as he visits Iran

Putin disses Bush

Putin shreds Bush

To Russia, With Love: The New Cold War?

The Putin Generation

Putin Will Aim Nukes at Europe if Bush Doesn’t Back off!


Strait of Hormuz

USA shoots down Iranian Plane

US Navy Face-Off with Iran Speed Boats Actual Video

Breaking! Iran & US Navy have confrontation at sea

What Happened in Strait of Hormuz? How to stop war with Iran

Fabricated with fake audio: Strait of Hormuz Confrontation

Pentagon Lies about Iranian Boats in the Strait of Hormuz

Facts on the Strait of Hormuz

Iranian Version of Gulf Incident — Full

Iran shows video of navy standoff, No Sign of Threatening

Official Version of US-Iranian Incident Starts to Unravel

”Iran Navy’s view of Hormuz incident”

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