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6. Verdenseliten


Her er en rekke filmer. En del av linkene virker, mens andre ikke gjør det. Dette på grunn av at de har vært her en stund. Anbefaler å gå inn på YouTube og se etter de filmene som ikke kommer opp. De er av stor interesse!

Lykke til!

Linker – Verdenseliten

Kort og godt




Løgn USA



Hillary Clinton

North American Union

USAs imperialisme


Disaster Capitalism





Skull and Bones

Bohemian Grove

The Secret Government


National endowment for democracy (NED)


Standard Oil: End of a Free Market

Federal Reserve

The Money Masters

US Debth


Svart onsdag

Peak Oil



Kort og godt

Magical Journey – Enigma

In 2007

Bush Waterboarding !??

Network – Mad as hell

14 signs of fascism-The USA turning into a fascist country?

Fascism USA


Monsters Of War

Fuori gli americani!


Rammstein – Amerika

Rolling Thunder: Iraq

Iraq war compilation

Reise, Reise – War in Iraq

Bono – Wha’ts Going On?

PINK – Dear Mr. President

What’s Wrong With The World?

Let’s Impeach The President

Let’s Impeach The President

Crosby, Stills, Nash & Young – Let’s Impeach The President

We Have To Impeach The President

Mr President You Lied…


Neil Young – Imagine

A Perfect Circle – Imagine

Tell the Truth – Mos Def – Immortal Technique – Eminem

Henry Rollins – Civil Liberties Under Attack

Save the Fake Economy with More Debt haha -FKNNEWZ

War on Ffreedom Kicks Americas Ass – FKNNEWZ

World leaders love evil religion FKNNewz 09 21 07


Manufacturing Consent

The Secret Rulers of the World

Secrets of the CIA

John Pilger – The War On Democracy

The corporation


Terror Storm 2nd Edition

The war on Democracy 2007

You CAN Handle The Truth – Under Siege

The Oil Factor Behind the War on Terror

The Dark Side Of The White Nights

Tracking the Intervention

Chichester’s Choice



The Behaviour Business

Where have All the Children Gone?

Inside the Eiffel Tower – France

….Do Something to stop this ……..


Hacking Democracy

America: Freedom to Fascism

The Decline And Fall Of America

Suspension of American Constitution Oliver North

The Secret Government

Is There a Secret Government in the United States?

What we chose to ignore

Question About Covert Plans to Suspend the Constitution

FEMA Power Grab – Oliver North and COG plans

The Secret Government – The Constitution in Crisis

Will Bush Cancel The 2008 Election?

The coming Dictatorship

George Bush’s Power Grab… Is Martial Law Coming?

“The Constitution is just a piece of paper” – G.W. Bush

Want to Learn How to Legally Destroy the Constitution?

US a Dictatorship?

Bush / Cheney to Attempt Possible Coup

America sinks into Dictatorship – Democrat betrayal

Huckabee: Washington State is Like Soviet Union

Huckabee: “Weird Things” Going On in Washington State

Pat Roberton Law School Staffs 150 Bush White House Staff

Bill Maher Blasts Pat Robertson’s Law school

Foreign Policy, PNAC, Eisenhower and Ron Paul

Pat Robertson Exposed!!

Løgn – USA

New World Lies

Ministry Lies Lies Lies

A Symphony of Lies

PBS tells the truth about Bush & Company’s Llies!

Former CIA Official Exposes Bush Administration Fraud

Lies Lies Lies – WMD – Bush, Cheney, Rumsfeld, Rice lying!

Bush Lies Cheney Lies Rumsfeld Lies

“The Constitution is just a piece of paper” – G.W. Bush

How to Save the USA


Chomsky Applauds Gravel (Democratic Candidate for President)

Mike Gravel rates Democratic Party opponents

Top Five LIES of the 2008 Presidential hopefuls

Would a Democratic President pull out of Iraq?

Which 2008 Presidential Democrats Were For Cluster Bombs?

Democrat Broken Promises

Mike Gravel Exposes Clinton & Obama on Iran, Hillary Cackles

Mike Gravel: Hillary Clinton & Barack Obama Equal No Change

2008 Presidential Candidate Barack Obama is a Zionist Puppet


“How Do We Beat the Bitch” Extended Version

McCain Jokes About Suicide Bombers

McCain laughs, Sings Bomb Iran

“Bomb Iran” song (from John McCain’s joke)

McCain: 100 years in Iraq “would be fine with me”

McCain: Vladimir Putin is the President of Germany?

McCain: If You Want to Leave Iraq You Don’t Understand War

Hillary Clinton

Vote Different

Headzup: Hillary Hot On Iran

The Shocking Video Hillary Does NOT Want You To See!

Hillary Laughs about Iran War Resolution

Hillary Clinton Exposed

Hillary is Part of the Military Industrial Complex

It’s Too Dangerous to Give Hillary Clinton Another Shot

The Shocking Video Hillary Does NOT Want You To See!

North American Union

Presidential Candidates For North American Union

CFR / NAU & 2008 Presidential Candidates

While you slept – NAU Phase One Complete

North American Union by 2010

Amero Watch

The Amero – North American Currency

Amero the secret currency

North American Union and VCHIP Truth

Cheney Laughs About North American Union Agenda Deception

North American Union

North American Union Traitors Include Chertoff, Rice, Bush

The Dangers of the “North American Union”

Lou Dobbs: North American Union Orwellian Brave New World

CNN Video:Lou Dobbs Slams CFR & North American Union

Deceit and Betrayal: Bush’s Plan to Destroy the U.S.

USAs imperialisme

US Imperialism

How the US Got What it Has

Did “Blowback” Cause 9/11? by the Southern Avenger


Blowback: why don’t Terrorists don’t attack Canada?

CIA blowback Iran Guatemala

What Is Imperialism? by States Of The Mind

American Imperialism

This is not a television special

Beginning of Third World War

World War III: Preview

US Foreign Policy 101

End of US Democracy


William Kristol confronted on CSPAN by a caller: “LIAR”

StarWars Parody NeoCon Wars

NeoCon Wars – Intro

To whom it may concern – a film about the anti-war movement

Disaster Capitalism

The Shock Doctrine by Alfonso Cuarón and Naomi Klein

Naomi Klein: Disaster Capitalism

Frost Over The World – Naomi Klein -14 Sep 07

Naomi Klein on the privatization of the state



Nike Sweatshop Project

Nike Sweatshops

Sweatshops EXPOSED

Nike sweatshops – Try not to cry

Sweatshop – Adidas

Disney Sweat Shop


The New World Order is Here!

The Real Face of War

New World Order

Money – David Rockefeller, Henry Kissinger & more

The Great Conspiracy

One World Government?

The Pentagons New Map

The Pentagons New Map – Part 2

The Pentagon’s New Map

Public statement on Lebanon and Palestine by Latuff

Hate speech

Carroll Quigley: Our Tragedy and Their Hope

The Global Conspiracy

The Global Conspiracy – part II


Project for a New American Century

Project for the New American Century

The Project for the New American Century

Project for the New American Century (PNAC)

Project for the New American Century (PNAC)

PNAC and the NEOCONs: wanted a new Pearl Harbor

Iraq war Planned in 1998; PNAC letter toBill Clinton

Wolfowitz´s new Pearl Harbor

Bill Maher:Project for the New American Century and Ron Paul

CNN: Bill Kristol exposed as Iraq War & neo-con Cheerleader


Corporate elite tried to overthrow US president!

Corporate Coup in the U.S.

White House coup Smedley Butler

Skull and Bones

Skull & Bones – Bush secrets

The Order of Skull & Bones

Skull &Bones Cult Engineered”War on Terror”&past wars

Skull and Bones Exposed

Skull and bones, and their new world order plans

Skull and Bones – Bush secrets

Bush and Kerry in Skull and Bones

Skull and Bones History

Skull and Bones 322 Conspiracy Video

Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove Membership

Sean Hannity Fox News Shills for Bohemian Grove

The bohemian grove

Bohemian Grove

Bohemian Grove: “Precedential Proof of Presidential Truth”

Inside Bohemian Grove

The Secret Government

CFR – The Secret Government


Bilderberg – an introduction

Bilderberg Secrets Revealed

North American Union-European Union-Bilderberg?

National endowment for democracy (NED)

War on democracy – National endowment for democracy


Guns Drugs Fraud BCCI Afghanistan

Standard Oil: End of a Free Market

History of Standard Oil (Exxon)

Standard Oil: End of a Free Market

Poetry by Pablo Neruda – Standard Oil CO

Federal Reserve

The Federal Reserve

The Secret Birth of the Federal Reserve

G. Edward Griffin on the Federal Reserve System

The Federal Reserve System

Federal Reserve Bank Killing America

America’s Greatest Threat-Federal Reserve Bank

Corrupt Federal Reserve – Robbing Americans Since 1913

Zeitgeist – The Movie: Federal Reserve

What’s a US Dollar Worth? : The Fed, Money as Debt

Uncovering the Conspiracy: Bank of America

Bush Has Doubled National Debt with Deficits

The Money Masters

The Money Masters – The Rise of the Rothschilds

The New World Order Is Not New (The Money Masters)

US Debth

The Fed, Money as Debt

Cartels Robbing the Public


John D. Rockefeller – A Short Biography

Svart onsdag

Black Wednesday – 16 September 1992

Peak Oil

Blood and Oil – Trailer

Peak Oil, Project for the New American Century

The Middle East, & The Impending Oil Crisis

Peak Oil and US-Geopolitics

Oil Shockwave: An Executive Oil Crisis Simulation

Peak Oil: Gas Prices, Supply Depletion & Energy Crisis

Peak Oil and US-Geopolitics

Peak Oil Short


Malcolm X Interview: Our History was Destroyed By Slavery

Not For Sale campaign video

Slavery Slideshow

Modern Slavery

Should African Americans be given reparations for slavery?

ending modern slavery

Modern Slavery and Human Trafficking

Slavery – Ancient and Modern

George W Bush impersonator John Morgan on Modern Slavery

Ancient Slavery in Modern India

Problem Of Child Slavery

Human Trafficking

Slavery now and then

The New American Slavery

The Immigration Debate – USA


What Is Globalization? – Noam Chomsky

Hidden Face of Globalization

No Logo: Brands, Globalization & Resistance

Discussion on Globalization

Fighting for One America – Opportunity & Globalization

Globalization: New Rulers of The World

Naomi Klein “The Shock Doctrine” & “No Logo” interview

David Korten: The Great Turning

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